Saturday, March 29, 2008

A certain sign of spring

Flowers from the Farmer's Market last year
I can hardly wait...

I've been such a slug these past few days. I think it is the new "bug" going around. I am still behind in e-mails, my Bloglines show very little reading, and I have laundry in the washer from two days ago (which I completely forgot). All of us are ready for a good dose of warm weather and sunshine. Perhaps then I can put check marks next to some long awaited projects. I haven't even been reading!

Christopher didn't have to be at work at the bookstore until 10:00. How glad I was that this was Saturday morning since I stayed up last night until I heard the front door open. His friend, John, was playing in town last night so a group of friends met together to hear him. I had told him I'd try to stay awake. It reminded me of the days Stephanie was a part of a campus Christian group and she'd arrive home around Midnight on Fridays. That's how I got hooked on the X-files... watching it in the dark... with the rest of the family asleep. Weird.

Anyway, I actually enjoyed staying up late, watching Book TV on C-span as they were showing excerpts from their "In Depth" interviews with various authors (they have been carrying Book TV on weekday evenings lately). All of these were the part of the interview where they showed their homes or offices where they did most of their writing. I was fascinated by the various writing styles, homes, and hobbies the writers all showed. Such a variety of personalities. I also had to smile as the realization came to the one thing which every writer had in common... they were all avid readers.

We left early so we could do some banking and have breakfast together (just McDonald's) before I dropped him off at work. I'd noticed a sign at the library on campus, advertising a library sale this weekend. Of course, I had to stop. I have never found a lot of books at this sale but I have come away with some good ones before. Today was no different, I found two novels for my husband, two cookbooks for me (as if I needed another), and a trilogy of Marjorie Holmes books in one volume.

I so enjoy watching people at book sales. Most of them look so happy, from the nerdy looking college student with a stack of sci-fi books (many would call my family rather nerdy so I mean no offense), to the middle-aged man behind me in line to pay with an arm load of western paperbacks, the women in front of me with two sacks of romance novels, the young mom I let go in front of me in line who had an armful of children's books, and people like me with more eclectic taste. It is not often one gets to feed their greed at such a small price. :)

Speaking of which, I also went to my first GARAGE SALE today! Now there is a sign Spring is here, even if I still had to wear a coat! I stopped there after the library sale, having passed the sign on my way into town. Oh, my... the beautiful "stuff" that was still left on tables. I reminded myself that I am on a budget, I have a rather small house, and I really need none of this... but... I came away with a gorgeous silk planter of sunflowers (obviously from one of the high end gift stores) for only $3.00 and I paid $1.00 for an entire box of an expensive brand of taper candles.

I've been looking for silk sunflowers at Goodwill (and this was cheaper than them, by far) and I always purchase candles when they are at a great price. We live in the country. The power goes out in storms. Need I say more. Sigh... I looked behind me as I left such beautiful items for others to find. It is still early in the season... miles to go, Brenda... miles to go.


Dolly said...

Hi Brenda, Thank you for visiting my blog!

I have enjoyed reading yours! Love your kitchen, it's so warm and welcoming!
I too looooooove book sales!
I could spend hours looking at all the books!

Have a great weekend,

Karen Deborah said...

Sounds like you still haven't recovered from your flu bug. come by and enter my contest maybe some Sweet Peach Ginger tea would perk you up, if you win. I love book sales.

Carrot Top said...

I was wishing for a garage sale today. They do make one think that spring has sprung. The book sale sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your photo of the flowers from the farmer's market. The colors of the flowers and the colors in the border compliment each other so well.

Also wanted to ask you to stop by my blog to get the directions for a task I've tagged you with regarding telling some things about yourself. I'll be posting it in just a little while.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Oh my! Thanks for the reminder...I've got laundry in the washer, too.

That photo is one of my very favorites. It's just so cheery and bright.

Sounds as if you had a good day at both the book sale and the garage sale. Good going!