Friday, February 29, 2008

Trying to keep my eyes open

I thought I'd write about something interesting today.

However, I had to run errands today... all day.

I took Education of a Wandering Man with me to read during those minutes I was waiting... and waiting.

The computer time I did have this morning was spent un-doing something I did do by mistake. About an hour (or two) was spent figuring out how to get backgrounds back when I was online. It wasn't until I finally gave up and left the computer that a thought came to me as to how it (possibly) could be fixed. It worked. I should have given myself a break instead of staring at a screen for that long. Sheesh... Note to self, never change the "image contrast" again.

I had to stop the music for awhile. :(

It seems the new hard drive for the computer likes just about everything but music on blogs. It locks up anytime I'm on a blog that has music, including (unfortunately) my own. If I can figure out how to change it, I'll bring the music back. However, after my attempt at changing "images" this morning, I'm not too quick to fiddle with such things too soon.

Of course, that is also how I got to "know computers". Honest. I spent hours trying to figure out how I messed it up. I guess you cold call it Computer Mess Up then Fix Up 101.

Now, I must prop my feet up until tomorrow. My brain has shut down. My eye lids are drooping. I am yawning. Goodnight.

Picture: Sent to me on an e-mail from a dear friend last year.

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