Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sunshsine on my shoulder makes me smile

Besides being a great John Denver song, it is also truth. We finally had sunshine on snow and I felt well enough to walk out to the rural mailbox. The scenery was beautiful with the rare sunshine showing through trees. One can look down the county road and see nothing but snow and trees as it is cold enough for the snow to linger on limbs as well as fences.

The picture above was taken a year ago this week, after a blizzard hit our area. We did have a lot of snow but I didn't get as excited about it as some people. Living nearly nine years in Western Michigan made this kind of snow common, if only in my memory these days (we do not live in Michigan now). It is quite funny to complain about lots and lots of snow when you live in lower Michigan for there is always someone around who either lives in... did live in... or knows someone who lives in... the U.P. of Michigan where they receive hundreds and hundreds of inches of snow a year... or so it seems from what one is told.

Getting back to our area, we are digging out of, oh... an inch or two. Not a lot to shovel but it made for tricky driving when Christopher was coming home last night. It took double the time it usually takes, partly due to snow and partly due to heavy traffic around the University's basketball stadium. I told him to get off the highway and cut past the University to get home quickly. I forgot there was a basketball game. He called from his cell phone to remind me. He called a couple of times to remind me. Mainly while he was stuck in traffic. I'll check ESPN before making that recommendation again.

I'm still moving slow but at least I'm moving. I made iced sugar cookies this morning, sprinkling them with little candy hearts. The guys will roll their eyes but they'll enjoy them. Otherwise, I'm slowly catching up on laundry. It is my husband's turn to take to the sofa with a soft pillow and a throw. I enticed him to take it easy (as he also still has flu symptoms) when I found Father Goose was going to be on one of the old movie channels. It worked... some decaf with cream, a couple cookies, and one of his favorite old movies... that made him stay still for awhile.

I figure one more day staying inside and away from germs will be a good idea. Christopher is having a fast food dinner tonight as he is studying late. So... I'm actually opening a box of organic butternut squash soup for the two of us at home. We're still not very hungry and cleanup will be easy. More time to finish laundry... sigh.

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Kelly said...

Stay Warm and get well soon!!
The sun was certainly bright and warm today here as well......but that inch on the ground is still hiding some ice patches!