Monday, February 11, 2008

Chicken soup, tv, and recovering

I'm beginning to feel better this evening, although my muscles are continuing to wonder what Hummer hit them over the weekend. This strain of flu was completely different than the last one that went through our town. I'm hoping there is not a third one hiding around the corner. When I talked to my friend Susie to tell her I wouldn't be able to join them on their trip to Trader Joe's, she asked what the symptoms were and she suspected she was also coming down with the same thing!

Yesterday's chicken soup was very good. I am so glad my Texas friend, Belinda (known in our family as BB or Beebs), shared it with me. By using a grocery store rotisserie chicken (I used the lemon pepper chicken), the chicken broth is flavorful, fat free, and ready to remove the chicken and add cooked noodles after one to two hours of simmering (of course, one adds back the chicken meat when it is cooled, too). Only the barbecue type rotisserie chicken doesn't work. The guys each had three helpings and that was when they were SICK!

Christopher spent all day yesterday on the sofa surrounded by textbooks and watching TV. He kept the Military Channel on most of the day, I learned a lot about battles that I never knew before during the few times I sat down and watched it with him. We had already planned to watched the TV show called Six Degrees last night. Sometimes it is hard to know what side to believe in the global warming argument but one has to agree we have been experiencing weird weather.

As we were watching the show, during the part where they were talking about what would happen if the earth's average temperature only went up by two degrees, Christopher looked over at me and remarked how amazing it is that people don't believe in God. To think our planet has basically stayed within one degree of what it should be to sustain life all this time!

It's an interesting and thought provoking show... makes me wish we were still homeschooling full time so we could look into it even more. With five difficult and time consuming classes at the community college, Christopher barely had time to watch it. He has mentioned a couple of times that having time to go down those "rabbit trails" is something he misses.

It was my turn to be on the sofa today, mainly watching cooking shows and an episode of Star Trek Voyager. Instead of textbooks, I had a stack of magazines at my side. I tried to read Chapter One of Winston Churchill's The Gathering Storm but I needed something much less "deep". It is the first of his history of WWII series... quite fascinating when one doesn't feel like they are spending their last day on the planet.

Tomorrow will be soon enough to attempt the laundry. I am glad I took some time to declutter yesterday and to keep up with a small amount of dishes today. My husband did one load of dishes for me yesterday and let me know about it again and again. He was a "hero". As I did two more loads after that (they had stacked up on Friday when we were so busy), I asked a question... out into the Universe but within the hearing of the two males in my family... why it is that as a woman I also can have the flu but I end up making a dinner (the soup) and washing dishes. The Universe did not answer, neither did the menfolk.

Probably a wise decision on both counts.

Thanks for the comments regarding the new quote I added to the sidebar. It is one of my favorites by C. S. Lewis. I was reminded of it when Randy Alcorn recently talked about it on his blog. I get so much wisdom from Lewis. Such an amazing man and intellect.


Anonymous said...

When you feel better, take a look at Tyler Florence's Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe on the Food Network. It aired today (Feb. 11) at 3:30 p.m. and on Saturday (the 9th) at 9:30 a.m. I don't know the recipe number but the show is Tyler's Ultimate.

I'm not a big chicken soup person but his soup impressed even me. Probably not as easy as yours, though. Instead of noodles he used tortellini, the broth was low-sodium, and the chicken was chicken-apple sausage meatballs. It looked yummy and so did the brownies he made in the same episode. (The photo of them on the website doesn't do them justice.)

Hope you keep getting better.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Oooh, I saw him making that today! I wasn't feeling well and that episode still made me hungry!