Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sorting, filing, reading, pondering

That's what I'm doing today... literally! :) Well, that and some afternoon baking.

Since Christopher left his laptop home for me today, I wanted to get caught up on e-mails and such. However, I can't do that until I finish putting my files and paperwork in order. I hate to admit it but there is a stack of my "stuff" in the office which has been begging to be sorted and filed for... months. Our home office is the smallest of the three bedrooms, any such clutter seems to make the entire room look messy.

I also had to order Miss E.'s birthday book and a bag of Charlie's Soap after finishing my morning quiet time. The book I ordered is called Children's Tea & Etiquette. It says it is about "basic dining manners and customs surrounding afternoon tea"... perfect for a little lady turning six years old.

I almost have the journal magazine pictures completely filed. The pocket folders work great, I don't remember where I read the idea of using them for such a project but they are far better than the zip lock bags I was using before. I'm using the same categories I mentioned before and I'll add a couple more. I know some people who like to sort their pictures and such by seasons. That would be good, too.

I keep an old, red 9 x 13 metal pan handy when I'm cutting pictures and prose. That way, most of those leftover pieces of paper can go into it and be easily thrown away when I stop working for awhile. I also am keeping my spiral artist's book I'm using for the journal and the pocket folders stored in it at other times.

Right now, I'm keeping any pages I haven't had a chance to cut out in a gallon size zip lock bag. They still work well for that use. I'll show pictures when possible. The first morning was spent cutting up last year's Susan Branch calendar and yesterday I cut out and "filed" all the other magazine pages.

I hope you clicked on the link in the last post to see Kimberly's journal.

Now on to the sorting and filing, mixing and baking! Be back soon...


nanatrish said...

I meant to tell you that when you shared the 'everything books' it was wonderful. I loved them and the creativity they spark. No matter how I try I always seem to have one bedroom that is our 'junk' room. It looks like a bomb went off. I want to be all orderly, but oh no. It starts out good and I think I'm going to keep it all straight and then boom before I know it....back to the old habits. I'm glad you have time to get stuff straight. Some day I will. For now I better get back to work. Take care Trish

KarenHarveyCox said...

Well, there must be some organizing thing in the air, because I have been organizing all day too. With me it might just be the new snow storm that will arrive tomorrow, I always seem to organize before everyone is having a snow day. I hope you feel that wonderful sense of accomplishment tonight over a nice cup of tea. Blessings, Karen

Mindy said...

I have been doing the same thing...decluttering and sorting through things...amazing how quickly clutter insues!! Have a great day! BLessings..