Saturday, December 15, 2007

Looking out at the snow storm

I survived the long week at work! Actually, while physically exhausting there was a camaraderie that comes from a frantic work schedule combined with many hands available to accomplish the work load. The only time we were short staffed was last night when many of the student helpers left campus for their homes before the snow storm predicted for today. We continue under a Winter Storm Warning although the snow has been light in our area so far. Much more is expected as the day progresses.

Christopher and I stopped on our way home late last night to purchase groceries. I've always found it interesting to see what people decide is absolutely necessary when a snow storm is approaching. In our house, it is potato chips for the guys and the ingredients for "stick to your ribs" dinners like meatloaf. Besides the usual bread, milk, eggs, etc., I bought real half & half cream for my coffee as a snowbound treat. :)

This was the first day I could get back online since posting the give away on Monday. I'll draw a winner Sunday evening so you have an extra day to leave a comment to be included. This is a gorgeous book. I have owned it for a few years and purchased it as a Christmas gift for my daughter the year it came out. I was able to purchase this copy at a great price last autumn... perfect for the fortunate winner.

The man at the "computer hospital" is pretty certain he can fix our machine. It seems e-machines are famous for breaking down, especially their motherboards. One can't complain... they're inexpensive and work just fine for awhile. Believe me, I will be backing up important information as Christopher has reminded me numerous times we could have purchased another inexpensive computer for what this will end up costing us to fix (so I can get my PICTURES and our budget information).

I've missed chatting with you each day (except this last week when I just worked, ate, and slept!). Hopefully tomorrow I can write the Sunday Afternoon Tea which was on my mind last week. Next week I want to write a few book reviews and have a "guest reviewer". My daughter has been raving every time I talk to her about Sally Clarkson's latest book. I'll let her give you the details. She promises to loan it to me (briefly).

A package arrived for me this week containing three beautiful books from Hoffman Media to review soon. These are the same publishers who bring us the new Victoria (and I've been told the next issue is "to die for"). Most evenings last week I went to bed within an hour of arriving home about 8:30. The evening the books arrived, I stayed up later to peruse them... beautiful!

Thank you so much for your comments and especially your prayers. There were numerous times this week I found myself surprised at the amount of energy I had to do the job before me. Each time I smiled and realized I was surrounded by prayers and well wishes. I didn't feel totally exhausted until yesterday when even the teenagers I was working with were all tired. :)

Tomorrow afternoon will be spent making dozens of pumpkin cookies with the delicious frosting (they're on the recipe blog!) for a cookie exchange on Tuesday. It has become a favorite recipe, not only do they taste great but they can be made a couple of days ahead. The only change I've made is to wait until they cool completely to spoon the frosting over them. They have gotten rave reviews by everyone who has tried them. My sister told me she has to automatically take a copy of the recipe when she takes them somewhere.

I plan to be back tomorrow and also post the name drawn from the give away Monday morning. So... you still have time to take part.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda, I already got my new Victoria, and am absorbing it every chance I get. Also got out a couple of my old Victoria books to browse through for Christmas. We are awaiting the bad snow storm which should arrive tonight. Well hope to see more of you. Miss you when you are not here.

Heather said...

My boys love your pumpkin cookie recipe too - I'm sure they'll be a bit hit!

I am glad that the Lord strengthened you for your busy week - I'm glad you felt the prayers of those who care about you lifting you up when you felt weak. Please try to take care of yourself and don't over do! Enjoy the snow storm - we are snowed in and loving it!!!

Anonymous said...

hi Brenda, I've been reading your blog for a few months. It helps me get back to the things that are important in my life. I also love Victoria magazine. The new issue is even better than the last one, if that's possible. A few weeks ago you mentioned that you bought a book by gladys taber. I love her books also. Nancy

smilnsigh said...

Glad to see an update here. Also glad you *survived* the week. I take it that the chills and fever are gone too.

We are in a Nor'easter over here. So this time, we are getting it! Previous storms have gone below us.

Off to check up on more people, who were/are in the path of this cross country storm and the NE storm.


smilnsigh said...

You have not been on the net for lots of reasons, this week. But maybe you'll have a minute to click on this click-able link, and see what I found in the latest 'Victoria' magazine! :-))))


Cathy said...

I'm glad you made it through the busy work week. That's the way I used to be working at Wal-Mart for 14 years, especially during Christmas. Try to get some rest while snowed in. I'm sure you will be reading a lot. :o)

DebD said...

I got another unexpected Victoria Magazine too. How cool!

I'll have to check out your pumpkin cookie recipe, because I love pumpkin.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.