Monday, October 01, 2007

Lots of little projects

Happy October!

I LOVE this picture. It is called Apple Pie Harvest by Janet Kruskamp ( I have that same bowl, only in a smaller size. It currently sits in my glass cake holder in the kitchen.

I didn't have to work today so it gave me extra time for some projects. I've already cleaned out the two drawers in my hutch (aka: breakfront). One drawer now holds all of my cloth and paper napkins, napkin rings, and some little framed pictures that I rotate during the years (to keep clutter down on the tables).

The other drawer basically functions as my "gift drawer" where I keep small items purchased throughout the year for gifts. It feels so good to have those drawers organized again. By their very nature, they get cluttered easily.

I also plan to work on my scrapbook journal, finish reading 3:16 and write a review, and just declutter from the weekend. I was going to take a picture of the pumpkin cookies I made on Saturday. Well, all I can say is they went really, really fast. :)

I'm planning on making some more and this time I'll take a picture before telling the guys they are ready. I really should hide them because they taste better the second day. These are the same pumpkin cookies I made last autumn. The recipe is on my recipe blog under (what else?)... Cookies.

I'll try to answer some of the questions asked in Comments recently. I'm sorry if I don't get back to them very often. Also, I know two people had contacted me a couple months ago about giving me another award. I bookmarked the sites, or so I thought. Now I can't find them at all. I am so sorry if you gave me an award and I didn't mention it. Over the weekend, I cleaned up my the site a bit and kept only one award displayed. That's to remind me to always "be nice".

As I shared with my daughter recently, I have eliminated everything that shows me how many people come to the blog as well as how many subscribe by Bloglines (I don't think there is a way to find out how many subscribe by other rss feeds). It just got in the way of writing. I could get to needful for a pat on the back. I still love comments and e-mails. :)

So... here are a few answers to questions recently asked:

1. Yes, that is the scene from my porch in the photo on the side bar. I share this gravel lane with two neighbors and there are other houses behind me (facing another country road). We are a part of a cluster of houses built in a forest area near lots and lots of open fields with farms and crops. It's nice because I do have neighbors but I have beautiful scenery.

2. My bread machine honey wheat recipe (that I have used since owning a machine) is on my recipe blog under Yeast Breads. I have always come back to this recipe for my daily bread but I do enjoy trying others. Most bread machines don't like 100% whole wheat (although bigger machines can handle it). I have found by just replacing one cup of whole wheat with one cup of white bread flour, it makes a huge difference in the texture of bread machine bread.

I use King Arthur flour whenever possible (or when I can get to Meijer's where they sell it at a much better price than my local store). I grind winter white wheat for my yeast breads and King Arthur does sell that flour if you don't own a grinder. I began grinding my wheat before I began homeschooling (but yes, I do sometimes wear a denim jumper). Some people like the red wheat better for yeast breads but I've used the winter white since getting the grinder many years ago.

I grind soft wheat for quick breads. I only use this if I want to make a recipe with all soft wheat (known as whole wheat pastry flour when purchased at the store). Otherwise I'll use one or two cups of the ground winter white wheat mixed with unbleached flour for some baked goods. It depends entirely on what I'm making. I find many of my favorite autumn recipes for cookies and quick breads do well with 100% whole wheat pastry flour. I really need to order some more of this wheat and use it more often.

3. We've been advised by our veterinarian to think twice about getting another pet while Sasha is still alive. She will turn seventeen years old this winter and it would be difficult for her to adjust. As it is, I'm certain she misses her sister but she's fallen into the role of the newly crowned "queen of the house" quite nicely. Although she was much larger than her sibling, Storm was definitely the "queen" around here.

I knew it would be difficult for us when one of "the girls" passed away but I never expected the amount of grief both my husband and I have felt. Part of the reason I am so behind in reviewing books is the difficulty in returning to my favorite reading place without her. I'm doing much better now... not great but better.

I'm certain Christopher will take it hard when Sasha joins her sister (in the place our beloved pets wait for us to join those who have gone before us... human and animal). He is Sasha's boy, you know.

4. My two kids are twelve years apart. Christopher will soon turn eighteen and Stephanie will soon turn THIRTY! How could this happen? I was only thirty myself a few years ago! Although I married quite young, having one's child turn thirty is still amazing.

Our first child, Matthew, passed away because he was a premature birth. We were told as soon as labor began that he could not survive (now technology makes it so babies much smaller than him make it quite often).

5. Just time for one last remark. Yes, my grandchildren are perfect, hehehe! Just ask their parents... or perhaps that wouldn't be a good idea.


Mrs.E said...

Happy October to you as well :)

Yes, I have seen this poster before and it is just homey and cozy.

Your cookie recipe sounds great and I'm sure tastes wonderful. I may have to borrow it because I know my son would love it as well :)

Heather said...

Thanks for the info on the bread! I'll look out your recipe.

DebD said...

Happy October! Its my favorite month. I enjoyed getting to know you better. Time does go by too fast when the kids are growing up. Does it slow down with grandkids?

Anonymous said...

I have this same picture on my wish list at I'd love to have a vintage kitchen someday.
Thanks for answering the questions!
joanna :)

Dinah Soar said...

I do enjoy visiting your blog. I've noted in previous posts that you, as I, have a love/hate relationship with Starbucks. I recently tried the Pumpkin Spice Latte and it was yummy. Seeking to repeat this treat at home, I put 2T. of Pumpkin Spice Coffemate into a cup of coffee, top with a squirt of canned light whipped cream and a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice...lovely cuppa....although it's not quite as much fun as a visit to Starbucks, but easier on the pocketbook.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda,
I love King Arthur flour. That is all I use. I have to order some of the products my store doesn't carry.
I will post my cake recipe for you.