Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wonderlust; A Spiritual Travelogue for the Adventurous Soul, a review

Most of the time when I agree to review a book, I have some idea if I will like it or not. Actually, I have never agreed to review a book that I KNEW I'd dislike. However, when it came to Wonderlust, I didn't have a clue what to think. It was written by an author I wasn't familiar with and the topic was...travels.

Now, to those who know me well this would seem an unlikely subject which I would read about. I am the world's worst traveler. I enjoy seeing new places and all but getting there and coming back home have never been even close to enjoyable. Planes make me very nervous, I don't like riding with other people driving, and I have motion sickness to such an extent I can't watch someone swing or ride on a roller coaster. (I do like trains.)

So, would I like a book about travels, even if it was a "spiritual adventure"? Well, the book arrived just as I was wrapping up the three weeks plus of "temporary" work. I was so exhausted that my mind couldn't think straight. I opened the package with this book in it and set it on my coffee table, planning to put it with the stack of other books I'd promised to review.

This should have gone to the bottom of the stack at the time but I was too tired to move it. I found myself picking it up and perusing the chapter titles. Then I read the first chapter and after that, I was hooked.

While the book is not what I would call spiritually "deep", it does speak of a spiritual journey that is similar to so many of us... how God uses events and situations in our life to mold us into the people He wants us to become. The book and study questions which are included would make an excellent choice for a small group of men or women to read and discuss.

Some of the destinations in the book are Thailand, Peru, Egypt, the Amazon, the far North in Canada, and China. I felt like I was beside the writer as she was climbing sheer cliffs! I enjoyed "seeing" each country through Vicki's eyes...and pen. Her writing is easy to read and quite conversational.

I would have personally enjoyed the chapters to be longer and more in depth. However, that doesn't take away from the enjoyment I had with the book. Because of the shorter chapters (each of which is self contained), it would make a great "purse book", one that can be kept for those times you want something to read and the magazine at the doctor's office is three years old.

I highly recommend Wonderlust, it was a very pleasant surprise.


Heather said...

Thanks for the book review. I am now highly interested and will check my library. I've been needing something good to read and travel-type is one of my big categories that I like. Thanks!

Victoria Gaines said...

Sweet blog you have here. So soothing to visit. Thanks!