Wednesday, September 12, 2007

When you end up in unexpected places

Well, Tuesday started out as I had planned by dropping my son off at work (with his new school schedule, he works Tuesdays and Thursdays and some Saturdays). My husband and I headed out with a very full errand "to do" list. Within an hour we were called to pick Christopher up and take him to the doctor. One of his toes had appeared to be infected earlier but now he was losing feeling in that leg... yikes!

We decided it would be prudent to go directly to the emergency room and a call went out for much prayer. To make a very long story short, he went through a lot of tests (including one for MS) but the doctors could not find a cause for the strange symptoms. They sent him home to rest for the remainder of the day and he slept until late afternoon when he took his 500 pound back pack (okay, a "slight" exaggeration) to one of the libraries on campus.

He was feeling much better by the time he left to study. Today his leg feels "weird" but there is no pain in his feet or numbness in his leg. We have to believe it was an answer to prayer as there is no other explanation. He did have a wake up call that even though someone is only in their late teens, they need to get more rest.

We did stop by Menards after leaving the hospital since we have one fairly close to where we live. I wanted to check their prices for a medium size deep freeze. I found the one I liked at much better delivery prices than Lowe's (basically free since they give a rebate in store credit and we always need something at Menards' for the house). So, our new freezer will be delivered this morning. I am excited, it will be so nice to have one available again. That will also free up the freezer space in our refrigerator for storing extra meals made up ahead of time.

Now I must start on the morning gotta do's. I hope to be back this afternoon to post tea party pictures!


Sue said...

Gee, I hope your son is alright and that your day gets better too!

LadyLydiaSpeaks said...

Your tea things are beautiful!

I would love for you to read my book, "Just Breathing the Air." It is suitable for children, and a delight for adults. I guarantee it will make you smile, and make your heart sing. It is accessible from my blog.

smilnsigh said...

So the toe wasn't even infected?

And oh yes, all teens need sufficient rest. And few get it.

Hooray for your freezer! :-)


Heather said...

What a weird thing for your sonm to experience. I am so glad his symptoms are diminished today!

I had an unexpected doctors visit too this week - I am now in a walking cast for 6 weeks! Oh joy! I'm afraid I'm not yet able to give thanks in all circumstances yet as I don't know how to stay off my feet for 6 weeks!

I am happy about your freezer - I love having an upright handy to the kitchen!

Have a blessed day!

martha said...

Sosmetimes a very heavy backpack can put pressure on a spinal nerve, which in turn can cause numbness in a foot or leg.

It happened to me...