Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Afternoon Tea

"It's like deja-vu, all over again," Yogi*

Lately it seems like I am often walking a path I walked before. It has happened enough times that it's downright creepy. I'm thinking it is a combination of the times in which we live and just living long enough to be coming into another "been there, done that, bought the t-shirt" moment.

For instance, the magazines I pick up and peruse at Barnes & Noble or Borders all seem to be talking about "going green" and getting back to nature as if it was an entirely new idea. They seem to have forgotten that Mother Earth News began when many of the editors were preschoolers.

Health food stores, co-ops, and even homeschooling were all birthed way back then. I do enjoy reading the new articles as we have learned a lot since that time. Although I'm not certain the basics in "getting back to basics" have really evolved all that much.

What is better than the "basics"... a little bit of land, some healthy food, family, babies, grandparents, a book to read, a song to sing (or listen to in my case), an old movie, good friends.

Another since of deja vu comes as I walk down the aisles of my favorite grocery store and cringe at the higher prices. Yes, same decade... back in the 70s... inflation. I heard a politician quoted last week as saying we don't have inflation right now. He has obviously not purchased his own milk, meat, bread, fruit, or ice cream lately. :)

Of course the price of gasoline must make the list. We may not have the long lines due to gasoline shortages (although I don't remember them happening in my own town), we do have per gallon prices which rise (a lot) and fall (a little) so much that my gas station now has gone digital to display the prices!

There are little things that bring the sense of having walked this path before. I can hear the opening to Mr. Rogers and remember my daughter's toddler and preschool years and all the picture books, walks to the park, talks about animals, and fun educational moments as we learned what red looked like and how many was six.

The delightful opening of Shining Time Station is heard only on a couple of old videos I still own. However, they always (I mean always) make me smile because watching Thomas was the only time Christopher sat still for very long at that young age. Thomas and his Friends were truly Christopher's buddies.

At that age, we had to stop to look at every train which passed as well as any construction equipment within safe viewing distance. Seeing them today remind me of a little boy. Dirt was a huge part of our life. Now when I see any Thomas toy at a garage sale, I feel a little sad because I remember them so clearly but he doesn't.

Musty antique stores remind me immediately of the thrift stores I went to with my mother and the auctions my parents attended before my father passed away. I can feel the excitement auctions brought and the hope the high bid was one we could afford.

When I see vintage school readers, they bring back my own thrill of learning to read and Nancy... well, Nancy (as in Drew) reminds me of nights with a blanket over me and a flashlight to bring the words to light... literally.

I think my passion for beautiful dishes... fine china plates and cups, serving platters, scalloped edges on a bowl, cut glass crystal containers filled with fruit, dessert plates holding homemade pie, goblets made of fragile glass and etched with delicate designs... all began in a separate section of my favorite department store which I always had to visit when we were there to purchase something more serious like a winter coat.

I think it was while walking these aisles and being oh so careful not to break anything that I could see myself all grown up and using such items of beauty as a hostess for my own party or during a family holiday celebration. That department store has moved to the mall and now has a different name but they still sell Beauty in that section and I smile when I see young girls staring at a particularly lovely china pattern. (Of course, I now have more fun hunting down such treasures at thrift stores, garage sales, and auctions.)

Perhaps it is autumn that also brings back the sense of deja vu. That glorious season where God brings out all His majesty for us to remember in the black and white and gray of winter ahead. Autumn is a season of reflection and the preparing to "nest" in the cold months ahead.

Whatever the reasons, it has been good to relive some feelings with the wisdom living a little longer brings. People wouldn't call me old (except my son and grandchildren)... but I'm older now. I started viewing my days from an eternal perspective long ago. It brings peace when the memories aren't always pleasant and the road ahead holds a few bumps and sharp turns.

People ask me what is the Source of my peace? How can I believe the Bible is true and why I know everything comes out right in the end? Because I've passed this way before.

* (as in Berra of Baseball and not Bear of Jellystone)


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post! Thank you Brenda. I snuck on to the "magic box" for just a moment before waking others to ready themselves for church. It is a rainy day in the Sierras of CA and I am looking forward to a loooong cup of tea and a quiet afternoon. I love a day of rest. Your sweet post helps frame the day beautifully for me. Thank you, again, my kindred friend.

Debbie in CA : )

Dinah Soar said...

As Solomon said: there is nothing new under the sun. I too am seeing ideas, etc. being "recycled"...and was thinking as you , how in the 70's going green and high gasoline prices were major topics...each generation thinks they have the answers...but it seems eventually everything comes full circle..that is why it is so important to, as the Bible says, "remember the ancient paths" as you have posted on your home page Jeramiah 6:16...we would do well, too, as a country to remember : "blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD..." Psalm 33:12.

nannykim said...

wow , you brought back a lot of memories for me; my kids watched shining time statiion, and Mr. Rogers too (it was one of the few channels we got and we were not tv watchers ;-)....Then the nancy drew books!! Those and the Dana Girls and Hardy boys were some of my best buddies as a kid!! AND dishes--how I love them--they certainly set different moods--when we have Bible studies here I always use real plates as opposed to paper--they are so much happier and memory provoking. Blessings upon you.

Tealady Tammy said...

Thank you for the post of treasured words. I am having a quiet Sunday with tea and a good book from Barnes and Noble. Have a blessed week ahead.

The Feathered Nest said...

Yes it's funny how many ideas have been around a long time and now are having a resurgence of interests - like going "green". I'm grateful for that. Have a lovely day!


A Dusty Frame said...

This was beautiful:)
Thank you for sharing.

I was around last time but just a kid;)

My mom still sings "save a gallon save a gallon save a gallon of gasoline"
I guess that was from the gas crunch? Something on TV;)


G.L.H. said...

Your lovely words (once again) say what my mind is saying. Thank you for putting the words down for us to relish.


Anonymous said...

You got my mind running. When I see dishes or casserole dishes at an Antique store, I think of my Grandma! I have some plates and a pink cake pedestal that my G-ma had given to a lady at church years ago. Then a number of years ago this lady gave them to me. Such treasures. I like your "nesting in for the cold"! Perfectly said!

smilnsigh said...

"Autumn is a season of reflection and the preparing to "nest" in the cold months ahead."

Rather like what I said, the other day... here.
"...the winding down of the year. They looked to finishing old business and looked forward to a time of rest, relaxation and reflection." But without the same religious emphasis. :-)


Morning Glory said...

What a lovely post, Brenda. I always find such peacefulness at your blog.

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

That was a lovely post! Deja vu is such a strange sensation isn't it!!

Anonymous said...

What a great gift, I'm thankful for moments to reminisce. Most are too busy to think back and enjoy the good things. I was just doing that today, as I was reading The Bible, and then a page someone emailed me made me go back, but also placed a greater burden on me for my sister.We don't live on past blessings but they are good to recall. Janice