Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A lovely rainy morning

The skies are dark this morning and I hear the rain but it is very welcome. We've had such a hot and dry summer. It seems most of the time it rained, it came down so fast and furious that flood watches and warnings were issued. I love the sound of the gentle rain this morning.

Thank you for the comments about my kitchen. Over the years, I've developed an "eye" at thrift stores, garage sales, etc. for those things that make the house have the look and feeling I want. I'm thankful for those things I've found on the cheap. :)

Those red bookshelves were originally in the room my husband and his brother shared as children. I don't know how my father-in-law came up with painting it red for he was not the kind of person who would choose that color. It is my favorite color and it fits perfectly with all the red accents (not to mention my wonderful stand mixer).

The yellow utility table was very inexpensive because it needed repairs. However, it took my husband only a few minutes to find bolts and nuts to repair it (he is very organized) to perfect condition. Of course, I wanted to keep the nicks and scratches so it would look as old as it is (he doesn't always "get" that).

The yellow chimney cabinet was inherited from my mother-in-law. He's been trying to get his hands on it for years to refinish it as he did the "twin" (which is now at his brother's house). He knows he would be in deep trouble with his wife and daughter should he even attempt to fix those delightful age marks. I'll take a picture of the inside soon, it has the original red shelves in all their shabby glory.

I had to move a lot as a child and as an adult. I think that's why I feel most comfortable now with a mixture of elegance and farm house style (which is what English Country is all about), as if I've lived here all of my life. I also like to combine the two in my "decorating". If you look at the picture of my kitchen below, it has a rather expensive artwork which we used Christmas money one year to purchase. When deciding where to hang it in this house, I decided the kitchen would be perfect because I spend a lot of time there and I do so love that piece which is three paintings in one.

On another subject, like so many people, I am so sorry to see Jewels stop her blog. I just love her so much and enjoy having a peek into the way she lives her life. She is what so many long to be with that Tasha Tudor style life. At the same time, I understand completely the reasons she feels she must end it at this time. She has brought joy to so many, not to mention the way she has changed the way I "journal". I will miss you my friend.

I am in my second day of three staying very close to home. The only thing I must do today is to take a quick trip to the grocery store to purchase some more canned vegetables while they have them "four for a dollar". This annual sale is when I purchase all of my canned green beans (french style for Christopher and cut for soups), my canned corn for soup, and whatever else I can find to use through the year.

Yesterday was Oktoberfest in my home (not planned that way) as I decided to make my favorite quick meal (thinly sliced kielbasa or smoked sausage sauteed with a little water and then a package of cole slaw mix added just until it wilts, it has a "cooked all day" taste and it takes about ten minutes to fix). I also made an apple crisp with the apples purchased at the Farmer's Market Saturday morning. Yum... My husband gave me a hug after dinner so I knew he enjoyed it very much.

I need to do more baking today so there are nutritious snacks for the guys. I know I need to grind some wheat but I'm not certain exactly what I'll make. I'll probably do "something" with pumpkin and cream cheese, having not decided if it will be muffins or a bread. I'm thinking of making cinnamon roll dough. Hmmm... I think I need another cup of coffee with Splenda and cream to sort those thoughts and plan the day.


Lallee said...

I am so far behind reading everyone's blogs! I enjoyed your kitchen tour from yesterday. I especially love the red shelves, as I am in a red phase right now. It must be very special with the family sentiment.

I'm glad you've had some at home days to enjoy. Pumpkin bread sounds so good to me. I was thinking about it just this morning! I'm thinking of bubbling vegetable soup on your stove and bread in the oven.....and now I am hungry and it's only 10:30 AM!

DebD said...

I enjoyed the kitchen tour as well. I'm trying to get away from my utilitarian mode and your blog has been an inspiration to keep trying when I'd rather just give up.

meg said...

Funny- something about cool, rainy weather makes me crave pumpkin- even in the Spring :)
I enjoyed your kitchen tour as well- reflective of where I'd like to go with mine (just wish I had a little more room)

Sabine said...

God bless the kind soul who sent you the digital camera! It's so much fun to see pictures of your home.

I just added kielbasa and coleslaw mix to my grocery list. That sounds like a great "emergency" meal for those days when I can't cook and hubby takes over. I already know I'll like it.

Heather said...

I was so sorry to see Jewels close her blog too, but I definately understand her reasonings. It was her blog that inspired me to start blogging, and actually introduced me to several of the blogs I now read (including this one :) ) I am enjoying my Jewels-style journal too. :)
That kielbasa and coleslaw recipe sounds great!