Saturday, September 29, 2007

A domestic kind of day

I plan to spend a little time on my deck today, enjoying the beautiful weather before it gets too hot (again!). I already know where my husband will be...watching the football game. A big game, a huge game, intra state rivals... books written about it... the stuff legends are made of and all that.

I dropped Christopher off at work this morning (for an eleven hour day!) and police blockades were already set up in the main intersections. As I was crossing a highway heading toward "the country", I passed no less than fifteen State Troopers meeting together in what looked like a Trooper Huddle, receiving instructions. :)

That was four hours before the game was to begin. Big Game!

As for me, I'm (finally) catching up on laundry. Lesson learned...never, I repeat...never... procrastinate in ordering my Charlie's Soap again. My husband asked me why I just didn't run over to the store and purchase some Tide or something. No, only Charlie's is touching my washing machine. I have got to overcome that procrastination gene.

If you remember, I had also planned to do some baking earlier in the week. However, once I started grinding wheat I realized the machine was clogging somewhere. How did I know? Because I looked like the Pillsbury Dough Grammie, that's why. Flour was everywhere, over me and the floor, the kitchen counter, the kitchen wall nearest me, the mixer, I even found some later as I was doing dishes.

So... I took the time to deep clean it and vacuum up all the flour. By the time I finished, I was too exhausted to do any baking. That will happen today... a domestic kind of day. I did fill up my large goldenrod Tupperware container with ground winter white wheat and a large zip lock bag of ground soft wheat. I don't use it as often so I keep it in the freezer. (In hot weather and when it won't be used for awhile, the winter white flour goes into the refrigerator.)

Today I have the washing machine going, the bread machine doughing (run that through spell check), breakfast dishes soaking in sudsy hot water, and butter-cream cheese-eggs all coming to room temperature to bake a quick bread and some cookies.

I also spent some time pouring honey from the big container I purchased at the Farmer's Market last week into recycled jelly jars and a couple Ball jars. It is not only easier to handle that way but if it hardens, it is much easier to place a small jar into some hot water to liquefy it than the gallon size I purchase.

I needed something to set the jars on (as they blend into the color of the table) so I placed my very favorite vintage apron that gets used almost every day. I bought it a few years ago at an antique store for $1.00 (it pays to get to know the people who own antique stores!). This is the same place I purchase vintage hankies for $1.00 and once in awhile... a special teacup. :)

So now I'm off for a day of domestic duties. I'm hoping by the day's end, there will be good stuff as a reward... homemade bread, baked goodies, organized drawers & closets with clean clothes, and reading at my deck table with a good cup of coffee and a book. Bliss...


deb said...

You plan sounds like a wonderful way to spend a nice fall Saturday! I am doing some of the same things myself.

Heather said...

your picture is lovely! do you have a good bread machine recipe for whole wheat bread you could share sometime? My mom grinds wheat for me but I'm having trouble getting a good loaf out of my machine. It sinks in the middle every time.

Anonymous said...

< I did fill up my large goldenrod Tupperware container with ground winter white wheat and a large zip lock bag of ground soft wheat. >

To add to Heather's question above, can you share what the different kinds of wheat are used for?
I would LOVE to spend a day like you...unfortunately, I'm off to take a nap. :(

Quinne said...

Hi Brenda :) I hope it was a truly productive and lovely day! Love to you! Q

Trish said...

I happened upon your blog not too long ago and added the link to mine. You are so inspiring!! Thank you.

ann said...

I am planning on having a baking day today. In between watching football that is!

the feathered nest said...

I had one of these days last week and it felt good!


Our Family of Five said...

You inspire me. :)

My little girl was curled up in my lap as I read this post. She would lean forward and talk to the little man on your sidebar writing away in his little Book Worm book. :)

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I like the little fellow, too. :)