Monday, August 27, 2007

Playing with my "new" camera

I finally had a chance to play around with my "new" camera, sent by a dear blog friend. After working on my front porch and deck, my reward was to read through the instruction book and then take some pictures. This afternoon, I finally had a chance to get the computer all ready for accepting said pictures.

The view from my kitchen window,
where I do my best thinking as I wash dishes.

My deck, after throwing the dead flowers (just too hot for them to survive) in the compost and rearranging those which survived.

Obviously these plants loved the heat and humidity.
This picture was taken after giving them a good "haircut".

I purchased these mums over the weekend. They are gorgeous!

I'm going to go back to that grocery store to get another plant for the deck. They are grown in my state and I am trying to buy local as much as possible.

Here is a closer view of the mums.

I'll be back to write more later. I've been asked to work a few more hours this week, which was fine with me. I've had a chance to rest over the past few days and this will be nothing like the "Book Rush" crowd and hours when they close at 10:00 at night. They just need someone to help out while it is still busy and on Labor Day.

The Human Resources manager attends my church and he asked me Sunday if I'd be interesting in being a cashier that gets called in on Holidays (when students usually go home) and on very busy days (like the days when they give a discount for each touchdown scored by the football team). I told him I would love to do that. I couldn't handle a permanent part-time position but I know I could work once in awhile. :)

Oh, I forgot to tell you that yes... the check was returned! Obviously your prayers worked or they wouldn't ask me to return.


Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Your house looks so lovely! I love the have a green thumb it seems!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for digital pictures! Bless the friend who sent the camera to you!
joanna :)

Sunydazy said...

Lovely pictures. Lovely Home!
Thanks for sharing these. I love to see people's kitchen sink/windows! :-)

deb said...

Brenda ~ very nice! I think all your readers are going to benefit from the generosity of your friend and seeing pictures of the place you call home. Thanks for sharing.

Morning Glory said...

That's wonderful news about the check!! There are a few honest folks still out there.

Your pictures are so lovely and peaceful. I'd love to just sit down there and chat.

gardenkeeper said...

yea! I'm so glad that person returned the check! Loved the pics! can't wait to see some more :) it's fun to have a new camera to play with... dont know what I'd do without mine!

Heather said...

Brenda - I am so glad for you - the cheque returned, the offer of a part time job, and figuring out your 'new' digital camera first go around! Much to be thankful for to be sure!

Helen said...

What a lovely, lovely site. I have come to visit via Alice.
I loved your summer book challenge list. I would recomment Susan Cooper to you, especially her "Dark is rising' series. (I think she is still in print!) I have my grand daughter readiing all my favourite books, suitable for her age, now. I still read quite a bit of 'young adult' literature. A hangover from my library career.
I look forward to learning more about you and your interests.

Lallee said...

Brenda, it sounds like you were rewarded for all your hard work. The temporary job sounds perfect. I know the bookstore will be delighted to have you for the fill in hours. Your plants look very happy after their clean up. Seeing mums reminds me fall really is coming~very pretty color, too. Loved seeing the pictures!

Katie said...

Lovely home! I had to leave a comment as I have the same valance above my kitchen sink window! :-)

Also, I began my blog this month, but I am enjoying all the homemaking, Christian blogs out here. I set a link to your blog under the category "Inspiring Sites" in my blog. I hope this is OK! If not, please email me or leave a comment. I don't know if you need *permission* to put a link to someone's blog, but I thought it was the courteous thing to do. :)


smilnsigh said...

Oh I love your pictures! It's so much fun to see views in/about your pretty home. And your kitchen sink window is lovely. No wonder you can do your best thinking, there.

Have fun, fun, fun with that camera! As if I had to tell you
hu? A brand new toy. Such fun. And you got it all hooked up and delivering to your computer too. You are so much more techy than I am.

OK, some part time work for you, will be coming. OK, I suppose I can't complain too much, now can I? <---Being silly of course, but I'd better say that, in case some of those who comment here, don't know know what a *loud mouth* I am!!! >,-) Not to worry folks... Brenda Net-knows me and humors me and smiles when I *spout off*. {I hope!!! -smile-}


Sara said...

Such a pleasant, pretty place to do dishes and think!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that the cheque was returned! I was wondering about that! God has honoured your prayers and it is so good to know that there are still honest people in this world!
Lovely photos!
Glad you were blessed with a digital camera! I know you will put it to good use and we will benefit from it!
Congrats on your part-time job and on getting through the business of the past few weeks.
Glad you had a mini holiday with your pumpkin spice latte and scone....such a treat!
Rest Up!