Sunday, August 19, 2007

Over half way through Book Rush!

I asked for Sunday off and since the H.R. Manager of the bookstore attends our church, he gladly gave it to me. Both the guys are working today, though. They could both use your prayers as mold allergies are hitting them hard (since the humidity returned). I didn't get to sleep in. Christopher had to be at work early this morning so I had to drive him in (yawn) then drop his dad off after church.

I was hoping to get an afternoon nap in but I promised the other store workers that I would bring in my usual baked goods tomorrow. I have been providing them for the "first day of the busiest week" for a few years in both the August and January semesters.

I could use all prayers as I'm scheduled for three consecutive ten hour days. If I can just survive Monday through Wednesday, the worst will be behind me as far as long hours. It is worth it to pay off that school debt. I get to keep some for a few much needed clothing items (will look for the half price sales!).

Speaking of which, I stopped by Goodwill after dropping the my husband off at work. He badly needed new Dockers and I found one pair of them and another different brand, both in his size. Hopefully they will fit fine. I found two cute books for the grandchildren (including another of the bigger James Harriot kid's books) and the cookbook called Lydia's Family Table. I've wanted it for awhile and it was half price! When I have time and the temperatures have cooled, I plan to make a few recipes from the book that already look good. I always liked her PBS shows.

I will write a Sunday Afternoon Tea post today but after that, it will be impossible for me to write anything until later in the week. Also, if you wrote me an e-mail (prior to the past few days) or left a comment that needed a response, I'm sorry if I didn't get back to you. I accidentally deleted a lot of comments and a few e-mails that I had kept in the Inbox to respond to when I stopped working. I could check the "Trash" but I don't remember what needed a response!

So, I didn't plan to be rude! Just write me back and I promise a response when I can get some computer time. If you were only asking permission to add Coffee Tea Books & Me to your links, you are very welcome to do so. :)

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