Thursday, July 12, 2007

So much for giving up cooking and housework

I worked hard this morning to get the laundry all caught up as well as make a nice mid-day meal for the guys. Christopher teaches a fencing class at 4:30 on Thursdays and then drives to a town near us to take a tennis lesson (oh, for that much energy!).

So...I try to have our big meal of the day ready when he gets off of work from his part-time job at 1:00. I spent all morning cooking and baking (including that delicious Paula Deen cobbler recipe) since I haven't been able to make anything special while limping around. You can believe that the way to these two guy's heart is through their stomach.

By the time lunch was served, dishes were done, flowers were watered outside, laundry put away (almost) was late afternoon. However, dinner will be very light and perhaps on paper plates (all aghast at the thought...) so I will put my feet up and read without guilt after I finish chatting with you.

Thank you for your many prayers and "good thoughts" regarding my swollen foot. It is something I have learned to live with when it is just a little sore (small tumors caused by the diabetes in my foot) but sometimes it becomes difficult to walk on it, as when I've done too much and/or there is a lot of heat and humidity. One could continue to ask God the big "Why?" questions but I've learned to put everything in His hands and live life as usual. I mean, really, developing Juvenile Diabetes in my 40s?

I think that's why I like Phillip Yancey's books so much, he doesn't answer the Why questions but he does a great job leading you to the One who can at least...give peace. His book Soul Survivor (about growing up in a "toxic church") was at the library sale but they wanted $4.00 for it...and I was on a tight budget...oh, how spoiled I get by those $1.00 titles. That's a great book to help someone look past hurts received through a church or "religious" group.

Of course I have met far more nice people, wonderful saints of God who are warm and giving... but... doesn't it seem to be the real pickles that we remember most? Except for one wonderful elderly woman we knew while living in Iowa whom I love to remember. I was still in my 30s but would often tell Stephanie (then in her early teens) that was the kind of "little old lady" I wanted to be. I was told by her grown children (themselves grandparents) that their mom had a difficult life, including staying with an alcoholic husband, but instead of getting bitter...she got sweeter. Yes, Lord...count me in on that aging plan (uh...without more trials, please?)!

I'm now off to scoot a fluffy cat off the sofa so I can prop my feet up and enjoy a much deserved late afternoon rest, with a little pot of Earl Grey and perhaps some slices of cheese and crackers...along with vintage L'Engle.

Oh...regarding pictures...I'm afraid I do not own any camera right now. I use a disposable to take the pictures I've shown. Although I'm presently coveting a digital camera and I must daily repent. However, I had a couple of pictures to take on my little disposable so I took a picture of the kitchen window with the dutch lace curtain added. I'll be dropping it off to get developed soon (remember that...the old fashioned way of getting our pictures, hehehe?). I just get them to process a digital CD at the same time. :)


Anonymous said...

< so I took a picture of the kitchen window with the dutch lace curtain added >

Yippee! Thanks sweetie. :)
I hope your foot feels better soon. One reason I enjoy your blog so much (among many) is because you give me hope in living with less-than-ideal physical health, and I gain strength for my own situation from your postive attitude. It really does help me. I'm afraid I'm still in the "why, God, why?" phase of my journey though. :)

Jenny said...

Before I had my baby I was the picture of health. I ran 5 miles daily and lifted weights. After the baby(2 years ago), I have had lingering sciatica and terrible neck pain. I feel old and I'm only 30! The chiropractors have helped tremendously, but honestly, the biggest help has been acceptance and no longer asking God why. I am so much better than a year ago and so thankful that it is nothing more serious than a few (albeit excrutiatingly painful at times) aches and pains. Your blog uplifts me. Thank you so much. Enjoy your downtime as much as possible, even with a sore foot!