Monday, July 30, 2007


The cell phone rang this morning as I was getting ready to drop my son off at Einstein's (another rushed morning so he had to grab a bagel before walking the rest of the way to work). It was my husband calling to tell me our Vet had a cancellation and we could bring our kitty in immediately.

Believe me, I kept that car at five miles above the speed limit all the way home and he was waiting at the door holding her. Normally we always had to put the kitties in a carrier but today she was so weak, he held her while I drove.

He went in the office with her while she was being examined. I sat in the car and cried until I could "pull myself together" enough to join them. Dr. Lisa said S. has had a stroke and is blind and dehydrated. She didn't think she was suffering, though. She suggested not putting her to sleep immediately, if there was anything we could try.

Her recommendations were to get blood work started and give her a couple of shots. She thought we should attempt to feed her using a syringe. So, she is now at home with us and we are trying a little baby food at a time. If she cannot eat (or the blood work shows something serious), then we will have to put her to sleep in a couple of days. If she can start eating again and keep food down, she will be treated like royalty and taken care of for as long as we have her with us. It is still very sad.

We received the public school's brochure this week, the one that goes out to every address in the County. For the first time since about ...1983, I threw it away. Although we homeschooled, we did need to keep up with the important dates of the local school district. I always made certain we didn't draw unnecessary attention as not everyone understood the crazy idea of educating one's own child. :)

Beginning this year, our school calendar will completely revolve around the junior college. There will be no co-op days to plan around either. I will join the local homeschool association just to receive their newsletter and identification card (since we are still working on three classes at home, too). I'm certain it will all sink in when Christopher is away from home most of the weekdays!

To get back in the school mood, I did purchase some crayons since Wal Mart had them for 9 cents each. Okay, so I purchased a lot of crayons. There are now ten boxes of Crayola 24 packs waiting to be slipped into various Grammie packages when it is not too hot for them to travel through the U. S. Postal Service. I love crayons.

We have been asked by numerous people why we are paying so much money for Christopher to attend the junior college his Senior year, rather than just putting him into the public school for free. Well, for one thing, putting a homeschooled kid into a public school for their Senior year would be akin to planting flowers in November...outside! The timing would be very tricky. I have seen it happen a few times and it was a very difficult adjustment for the young people involved.

Homeschooling is so much more similar to the college experience that Christopher had no trouble adjusting when he took classes last year. Also, they are excellent about working with ADHD students and he is getting credit for high school graduation and college. We are seriously thinking of letting him receive an Associates Degree there and then transferring to the University. By going this route, he could end up receiving his Bachelor's degree without debt.

After working in Human Resources for a number of years, I came to realize an education is education. One does not have to attend Harvard to get a good job. Of course, one would be wise to get a degree at the University whose colors and emblems are found all over this office ...for the sake of family harmony. (Sorry Sallie, it doesn't have Michigan in the name, either!) :)

So...I am now off to sit on my front porch a few minutes and think. Later this week, I will be having a give away. Probably going from Friday through the weekend. So plan on stopping by Friday for all of the details!

Thank you for all your very kind comments and e-mails regarding our kitty well as birthday wishes. I truly thought I would handle this better as our cats have aged. However, it is never easy saying goodbye to a very loved best friend. Perhaps she will be around a little longer. I don't care if she will need extra attention. We'll know more by the end of the week.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Brenda,
I pray Miss kitty will be ok. I am sending you a big hug. (((())) I know how we fur mommy's are.

Donetta said...

I am so grateful that you are able to weep and let the healing work out the process. I hope that you have some more time with her. I homeschooling for so many years and in the spring last had to let go of it. I have to be courageous and very active yet in their education, but my health cannot withstand the stress of all of the interventions, therapies at home and just being Mom, Doing the vocational too is just too much for me and I am sad yet released by the peace I have about it that I even now find hard to fathom. I was such a homeschooling advocate too. Still am. Have a peaceful time with your loved ones.

Lallee said...

Brenda, I'm continuing to pray for your little kitty, and hoping the best there.

All three of my sons ended up getting their AA's at community college first. They have no regrets.


gardenkeeper said...

Hey Brenda,

I'm so sad for your kitty,,, As I watch our kitty running around and pouncing on the dog.. .I cant imagine life without her! But someday...... Keeping that the meds will help her!

Adrienne said...

Brenda -
I'm praying for you. My tears are many each time a beloved pet's life comes to an end. I hope you have many more days with your kitty cat and that she returns to some amount of good health. Your tears are a good sign - don't hold them in.

smilnsigh said...

My good wishes to you, concerning your kitty...


Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

I'm glad that your beloved pet will be with you a bit longer. Our pets do become quite beloved family members.

Thanks, too, for sharing about Christoper's senior year in high school. We're just three years behind you and the whole dual college/high school credit thing is something I've just recently started learning about. My son is hoping to follow his dad into law enforcement, so at least an AA degree will be necessary. I'm looking forward to learning even more about all of this.

Maggie Ann said...

I am so sorry about your pet...I pray the Lord enfolds you all in his grace and strength.