Friday, July 27, 2007

Birthday presents

I was teasing my son today, asking if he was getting me a birthday present. He replied that he had already taken me out for lunch and to a movie last week.

Which was a lot of fun and I appreciated it so much that I have the "ticket" from the theater pinned to my kitchen bulletin board. It was a wonderful mother-son day.

I was about to say one could make a card or something when he told me there was a car pulling into our driveway. (No one pulls into our driveway by accident since it is off the main county road.) As I looked out the window, a smile came to my face and I ran out to meet the lady with a package. For this is not just any car, it is the car that delivers U. S. Postal Service packages. YES~! It had arrived!

My daughter had called me a couple of days ago, using the Bluetooth thingy in her van. She described her Perils of Pauline morning as she attempted to purchase a box in which to pack my birthday presents and get it sent...with four children five and under along for the ride. I would tell the story here but I don't think I can describe it as she did. Especially the part where I think she was developing a nervous twitch and deciding she was not leaving the house for a very long time. I'm certain mothers of little children can imagine the events of the morning.

The only reason the package was assembled and mailed was due to to an angel of mercy showing up. As she sat outside a Dunkin' Donuts (where the potty training David had to be quickly taken) with little children all around, trying to pack the box with good stuff and feeling ready to give up, a voice asked if she needed help. The voice was attached to her assistant pastor (who also has four children). She accepted the help of her "angel" and quickly went into the Post Office as he watched over her children (which was the highlight of their day). We both thanked God for sending him at that time.

I only give this background information because...besides being quite entertaining to one who didn't go through it was the reason I held the package out wondering if it made the 1,000 mile trip with nothing breaking. She didn't have time to pack it properly there on the lawn. Fortunately, as I opened one object after another, nothing had broken.

It is delightful to get a present from someone who really knows you, isn't it? Inside was: a book about English Country decorating, a book about baking with chocolate, red toile stationary, perfumed soap, two unbroken matching tart warmers (because she knows I like symmetry), and an inexpensive Bed & Bath mp3 player (which I had mentioned wanting just to play with). What fun I had unpacking my treasures and appreciating the time, thought, and perils of sending it.

As for my son....well, for one thing, he stood their looking just like Luke from The Gilmore Girls (a show I have a love/hate relationship with). He was on his way to play air ball with a group of his friends from church (in the rain and mud) and he had dressed the part. This included old jeans, an undershirt, a long sleeved flannel shirt (in July), and a baseball cap turned backward. On a strap over his shoulder was an air rifle (or whatever one calls it).

As he watched me unpacking the presents his sister sent, he reminded me he was taking the family out to breakfast on my birthday. I love sibling rivalry. Especially if it gets me another meal at a restaurant.

My husband asked me what I wanted and I let him know my only desire right now is to own Miss Potter (which I haven't seen but I know I'll love). It will very soon be in my possession. :)


DebD said...

Happy birthday and many, many years!

Lallee said...

Happy birthday and many blessings!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday dear Friend,
What day is it?

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Thank you!

My birthday is tomorrow (Saturday).

Now that I am over the half century mark, I've decided to get younger each year. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, dear Brenda! I will say a birthday prayer for you tomorrow. I wish I could send you a present. Maybe next year we'll have more money. (Please Lord!)
joanna (((birthday hug)))

deb said...

Happy Birthday, Brenda!! Hope your day is a special one!

Susan PA said...

Happy birthday!!! Both one of my sons and one of my sisters just had a birthday RECENTLY. :)

Susan (a devoted reader)

Entropy said...

Happy birthday!!

I also share your love/hate relationship with the Gilmore Girls!

Sherry said...

Hey! Happy Birthday! Did you realize that you and I and MIss Potter all share a birthday?

smilnsigh said...

And here I am... very, very late with Happy Birthday Wishes. -oh sigh-