Wednesday, July 25, 2007

8 things about myself

Joanna tagged me for the 8 Things About Myself meme. I'll try to think of something I haven't written about already (it is quite amazing, especially as I am a very private individual, how much I HAVE written about).

As for tagging anyone else...consider yourself tagged! Anyone who reads this and wants to participate would be encouraged to do so. The responses would be fun to read.

1) Well, this is a repeat of what I've written before but it is interesting. I became a Christian during the Jesus People/Charismatic revival that swept the country in the late 60's/early 70s. I was a real Jesus Freak kind of girl, coffeehouse ministry and all. For a few years I thought this was real Christianity. I guess it just didn't last.

2) My daughter and I had talked about going to Swiss L'Abri when she became a teenager. Instead I had an unexpected (but welcome) pregnancy. I think at the time, she would have appreciated going to L'Abri more.

3) I have been a gourmet cook, still am a pastry chef wannabee. Can't sew anything more than a straight line (which is all I need for quilting and crafts).

4) At age nineteen, I was heading for a stint in the Army (so I could continue college on the GI bill, it was at the end of the Viet Nam war). Instead, while I was in line to get sworn in, the computers all broke down. I went home and my (future) husband saw it as a "sign" from God and proposed. Whenever I see my grandchildren playing, I wonder...what if?

5) Many of my nieces and nephews are close to my age. A few are older. Mom was a widow with seven kids (mostly teenagers, a couple in their 20s) when she married my dad (divorced with one teenage son) around age 40. I was born a couple of years later. People thought I was her grandchild. She was not amused. I had the same thing happen after Christopher was born. I was born in the July that still holds many records for a heatwave.

6) I enjoy watching the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts. Which was why the Super Bowl was enjoyable, except I wanted the Bears to win. I also secretly support the Patriots, only because I know their winning makes my son-in-law happy. Shhhh...don't tell my husband.

7) I hate math but I love NUMB3RS. My "PhD in statistics son-in-law" tells me it is not quite realistic. It would be like someone being a mechanical-electrical-aeronautical-chemical engineer all wrapped up in one. But it is fun and his parents tape it so he and Stephanie can watch it together after the kids go to sleep (by choice, they do not have any type of TV reception). Since I never "got" anything up to and including fractions, anyway... it's not the math part I enjoy even though it looks fascinating and all... It is the great writing about the relationships between the college/FBI people and the two brothers and their dad.

8) Realistically, I would never want to move from this part of the Midwest again. I love being "home", just miles away from the small town where I grew up. However, if time and space were of no importance, I'd want to live at Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts. We visited there twice the last time we were in New England. Loved it!!!


Birdie said...

I enjoyed reading your answers! I was tagged for this one a couple of weeks ago, myself. Unfortunately, I'm just not all that interesting! ;)

Suze said...

Are there specific questions to answer - or just 8 random things....

I'm going to go with 8 random things.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I guess it was 8 random things, that is what I did. :)

Entropy said...

My mom had me at 40 and my bro at 44! People always thought we were her grandkids!

Mindy said...

What fun it was to read more about you! Hope this finds you well and enjoying your day. Blessings to you and yours..

smilnsigh said...

#4... Wow! I'd never have guessed that you were nearly a soldier. :-)


Susie said...

I find memes a delightful way to learn a bit more about new blogging friends! You've had such an interesting life and I,too, would have never guessed you were almost a soldier.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

My friends and children couldn't see me as a soldier, either.

I was a lot different in my teenage years. :)

DebD said...

This was very enjoyable to read. I almost went to a L'Abri as well and was a longtime reader of the L'Abri mailing list (back in the days before Yahoo groups!).

My husband did visit the L'Abri in Switzerland for a Sunday service once while on a business trip. He said it was a very unusual experience.

Sue said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog for sometime and finally added you to my list of favorites, it was fun gettting to know you better! lol I love your photos here! I'm wondering what the badge of a year of abundance is all about, sounds interesting and how can I join?