Sunday, June 24, 2007

A prayer request for Christopher

It seems I have been pondering a lot lately. I guess it has to do a lot with the trials and tribulation of daily living right now. In addition to all the usual suspects (diabetes symptoms, finances, etc.), Christopher has to go to the doctor Monday (tomorrow) morning. He's been having some very serious allergy related asthma problems recently so his doctor wants to see him.

We're pretty certain the doctor will want him to get some x-rays at the hospital this time. He did lab work during the winter and that all turned out fine but he mentioned wanting to do x-rays and perhaps an EKG to rule out any other problems. Even though he said there was only the slightest chance, it still makes me a little nervous.

We are both experiencing some flu symptoms right now, too, so we had to stay home from church this morning while my husband went alone. Christopher was using his laptop in the family room and I was here in the office watching various Chris Tomlin videos on YouTube and sending them to him via e-mail. Viva technology!

I'm posting this Sunday evening so when you say your prayers, please pray for Christopher!

Now...I return you to your regularly schedule Sunday Afternoon Tea post, which follows. :)

6 comments: said...

Dearest Brenda, thinking of you, and yours--especially Christopher, and praying for you. ((Brenda))
xo Jewels

Kathy said...

Do hope both of you are feeling better soon (I'd like to make you both a nice hot lemon and honey drink) and that the doctors treating Christopher will act with wisdom and skill. Kathy

Susan P. said...

Brenda, am lifting Christopher up in prayer right now. Gentle hugs are being sent to you all the way from Virginia.

Anonymous said...

prayer heavenward <><

She'sSewPretty said...

I'll say a prayer for Christopher and you too. I also have diabetes and take insulin and know how wearing he can be on a body...and also a reason for not sleeping well.

DebD said...

I've just seen this. Prayers for you and Christopher today.