Saturday, June 30, 2007

The new music

I've been searching for ages for music I like since my last music "provider" eliminated my favorites. It seems they have left only really awful options!

So...I put my headphones on and spent some time this week going through page-after page-after page (each with 100 song options) of everything from Classical.

Finally, just before I was ready to give up again, I found this...You Lift Me instrumental. Love that song! Both Selah and Josh Grobin have amazing recordings of it on CD.

The nice thing about this music provider is the ability to click OFF the music if you don't want it. I know people who read the blog hours (?)...may appreciate that option. You just have to click on the music thingy on the sidebar (I amaze myself at my technical vocabulary).

1 comment:

DebD said...

I love that music, its very peaceful. I also like having the "off" button accessible because sometimes I'm listening to music too and they don't usually mix well. :)