Thursday, May 24, 2007

Quick update

Well, what was suppose to be a two hour (at the most) repair job on the sink in the kitchen turned into two days where it was taken apart, dirty dishes piled up on my kitchen counter and plumbing tools were all over the floor! We ended up having to install a complete unit instead of just caulking around one part. Sigh...

Then when we turned the water back on, there was another leak! This time coming from our Culligan water purification system. Fortunately, my husband was able to talk to a very nice serviceman over the phone (even though it was after hours and he was on call at home). He took him through all the water purification lines and such and it looks like they found the problem without him having to come out tomorrow. Still checking to see if there are any leaks before I can do 2 1/2 days worth of dishes. If you haven't seen those under-the-sink units, they look complicated enough to be on the International Space Station.

When we first moved into this house, the only major investments we had to make were a new Culligan water softener and their under-the-sink water purification unit. Both we considered necessary in our part of the country. I've been a Culligan customer since I lived on a small farm ...emphasis on small rather than farm ...across from a grain elevator my early childhood years.

We've had to have them out for repairs a couple of times. Once was to fix a line going into their water softener which they had told us to "keep an eye on" soon after installation, the other was to fix the leak in their under-the-sink system...which is when they discovered the leak was coming from a pipe and not their system...but they were very nice about it. No cost for that Culligan commercial!

They remind me a lot of the service I had with my first home computer, a rather pricey Gateway for our home office at the time. I don't know what their service is like now but in the late 90s, I received a computer education from them while solving problems that came up. I had to replace that computer with an e-machine of which I won't complain about because it was cheap.

So, hopefully tomorrow I can get all the dishes caught up as well as laundry...not to mention getting another section of the garden next to the fence weeded. Yes, I know I've been working on it for a long time....big yard....big weather! That all comes together to create weeds that honestly are as big as some of the bushes!

Speaking of which, my pink peony bush is gorgeous this year and I've noticed beautiful peonies blooming throughout town on my way to campus each day. It must be a good year for them. Last year was our first spring in the house and the peonies never bloomed, probably because it was such a wet spring last year. I wish you could see them, they are so pretty and their perfume is amazing. I love old fashioned flowers like that. Store bought flowers have no fragrance.

My day to day activities will also be turned upside down starting Saturday evening. I had a call very early this morning (fortunately I was sipping my first cup of coffee so I was almost awake) with word my daughter and the grandchildren are arriving this weekend for a two week visit! Daddy really needs some quiet time at home to finish an important project for work (or at least, I think that's what I heard this morning) so we get them for two weeks.

It will be....interesting...with our living room becoming a bedroom for an entire family and the family room turned into a kid's play area. But we'll manage and have fun doing it. I spent part of the day taking breakables out to the garage. :) Tomorrow I'll get all caught up with our laundry so kiddie clothes can take priority.

Part of me wonders if I'll keep my sanity. The other part know I get to take the kids to the park and have fun with them...and I get to hold a newborn!


Heather said...

Enjoy inhaling the sweet fragrance of your pink peonies and your sweet newborn boy!

Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

Oh, you'll have a blast with those grandkids! I've had my three here twice this week, and spent some time with them in a doctor's office waiting room on a third day AND they'll be back out here tomorrow! So what if nothing else gets done, you'll have grandkids to love on! And a newborn to boot! I'll have to wait a couple moer weeks or so for that pleasure!

smilnsigh said...

Wow! You have been having things come at you, in rapid succession! Yes M'mam you have!

I hope everything gets fixed, so you can catch up... before the next wave. -smile-