Saturday, April 14, 2007

A little bit here and there

Thank you to anyone who voted for Coffee Tea Books and Me for the Homeschool Blogger awards. I'm very pleased with my standings (as I'm not within the normal loop of homeschool blogs but I'm a homeschooler who happens to blog and talk about it from time to time!). It looks like I've had some very nice people find CTB&Me for the first time as a result of the nomination!

It is a dark and dreary day here with the possibility of heavy rain turning to SNOW. I'm spending today tidying the house and then finishing some of those mindless tasks I keep for days I don't feel well. I'll polish some more silver (love that MAAS polishing cream, I've even used it on my stove), peruse a few cooking and decorating magazines for items to clip out, and pick up my Edith Schaeffer book again after my detour to read the two "new" books.

It's strange not having my son around. My husband and I were able to purchase a small pizza last night (and anyone who knows what teenage boys can eat knows they can down a large pizza on their own). He and I also negotiated time to watch the TV in the family room, the one connected to Direct TV. I "won" the first part of the evening to watch a two hour special, he got it the rest of the evening and only missed the first thirty minutes of the Chicago Bulls...such is life in a matter how small.

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