Saturday, April 28, 2007

Just a little household hint, over the fence!

I have discovered something wonderful.

In Mary Jane's Idea Book, she made a very frugal suggestion that I've come to appreciate very much.

It was one of those, "why didn't I think of that?" moments after reading it.

She said she cuts her green scouring pads (I assume they are the same as the Scotch-Brite that I use) into smaller and more manageable pieces. They are easier to handle and when used on really dirty jobs, you can throw away the small piece.

Well, I started using the same idea with my Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (actually, I sometimes use the Target brand instead). I cut them in half or in quarters, according to the job. Just doing this has stretched a package twice as long as usual.

The other household hint...I mentioned before that I had used Magic Erasers and baking soda to successfully clean my badly stained coffee mugs. Since then, I keep one of those smaller pieces of Magic Eraser with my other dish washing supplies and it works perfectly to clean the tea stains in my tea cups and teapots.

I have found with tea that I didn't need to use the baking soda as long as I still had the soapy dishwasher to use with it. It really does make the tea and coffee stains disappear like magic!

Isn't it amazing how such little suggestions do so much to help make our life easier?


Kimberly said...

I cut the brillo pads smaller as they always seem to rust out before I use a whole one. Just a thought!

Heather said...

Great ideas Brenda - thanks for passing them along! We are not a sponge using family, but I have scouring pads for the tough stuck on food in my french white cassarole dishes and my pampered chef pans (a gift) - I'll get out my pads and cut them up tonight!