Saturday, April 21, 2007

I don't know how I missed it

Thank you to Sandra at Ravenhill Cottage for giving me another Thinking Blogger Award. I don't know how I missed it! I was reading her lovely blog today (commenting about peonies and Lilly of the Valley) and came across her post. Some days, when I am particularly busy, I read only on Bloglines and once in awhile the posts are cut short...perhaps it was one of those days that I read too fast!

I've appreciated reading the five nominees from other blogs because they have led me to some wonderful new discoveries. To me, there are many different ways one can "think" and finding a blog with beautiful pictures or new ways to decorate are just as important as those who write about politics or theology. are five (of many) blogs that "make my heart sing" and receive a Thinking Blogger Award for making me think of lovely things and beautiful places...

Pleasant View Schoolhouse
... Anna reminds me of someone I once knew who didn't talk a lot but when he did...we all listened! The photography, the recipes, the vintage look...wonderful.

The Sparrow's Nest ... I love the way she lives what she believes, her creative projects, and her honesty. I have a feeling if we ever met in person, I'd feel like I've known her for years. Like Anna, I'm always expecting something interesting when Bloglines shows a new post! I've often sent one of Mrs. Wilt's posts to my daughter, especially with decorating ideas (for their taste is very similar).

Gracious Hospitality ... I know I'm in for beautiful photography, great recipes, and good ideas whenever I visit "Lateada". I want to visit for a tea party...soon! Another person whose sweet nature comes through her blog and I wish was a neighbor.

A Place Called Home ... Susan P. is a person who thinks like I do (she'll consider that either good or bad!). It's another blog that when I go there, I know I'll find something to make me smile...whether a pretty picture, a recipe, something about tea time, or "just" her thoughts on a subject.

Smilnsigh ... Mari-Nanci's blog would be beautiful if just for the pictures. However, she's one of the most delightful and honest bloggers I've come to know. One can tell she has put a lot of work into place at "pretty Blogland".

So...I must admit the above won't get you to thinking deeply as if I'd sent you to the Crunchy Con site in my sidebar. I already led people to the "Places That Make Me Think" section of my links. No, instead...try out these five blogs when you want some joy in your life or a spark of creativity.


Susie Q said...

All of these blogs are in my read daily list! As is yours now! : ) I so enjoy my time here...
LOVED your posts of late and the one about the Cabbage Patch doll brought tears to my eyes...just so lovely.
You write about such things so well with such heart.
Have a sweet Sunday...

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Thank you, Sue! I am so glad you are here. :)

Believe me, I had tears when I wrote that post.