Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A few pictures my living room

To finish the "tour" of my home, I thought I'd share a few pictures of my living room. The first photo is one I think I've already posted. Below that is a picture that shows my view from the sofa as I'm cuddled up with a great book. It's too dark to get a good view of the sofa but the color is called "Havanna" and yes, it is a cigar brown (much prettier than it sounds).

The wingback chair was from my original formal living room set and it is scheduled to be reupholstered someday to better fit in with the deep browns and greens of the rest of the room. I don't think it looks too out of place, though.

The bookshelves go nearly to the ceiling. They were originally on each side of a large fireplace in my "big house". Yes, there are bookshelves all over the house...

This breakfront is on the wall nearest where the front door is located. It looks pretty much the same as when I took the picture except I've added a round vintage tray that is black with colorful flowers hand painted on it (99 cents at Goodwill). It sits between the two pewter plates. I've also taken away some of the family pictures to make it look less cluttered.

This breakfront gives me so much storage room. Both sides hold my Royal Albert china as well as my favorite crystal glasses, the drawers hold linens and such, and the long horizontal drawer is home of a dozen or more teacups and saucers...those I actually use off and on. It was originally in my husband's home where he grew up (along with the corner china hutch shown in previous pictures of my dining room). I enjoy owning items that previously belonged to each parent.

This room is decorated in an English Country/Early American style that I find so comforting.


Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of your home. I always enjoy getting a glimpse of my blogging buddies homes. Yours is very peaceful, welcoming and lovely.

lady laura said...

Lovely pictures.

I had never heard of a breakfront before. (I confess that I am often confused by the various names of furniture pieces: hutches, sideboards, dry sinks, breakfronts, buffets, etc. :) Nice piece!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Well, I would call it a hutch. My husband's family calls it a breakfront. I've seen both names used for similar pieces of furniture. Perhaps someone knows why?

Thanks, Cheryl...I strive for PEACEFUL!

Lallee said...

Brenda, your home is loving. Thank you for sharing!

smilnsigh said...

Wheeeeeeeeeee! Inside the house pictures. I love these. So nice to come back to reading blogs, and find them. Thank you.


Candy said...

LOVED the pictures of your home! Very pretty!