Monday, April 23, 2007

Baby Watch

Well, this little guy is taking his time so my daughter will be induced tomorrow morning (Tuesday). My final co-op class that I teach is tomorrow so the cell phone will be at my side. :) The time has gone fast this year, I remember when looking at the class schedule that April 24th seemed so far away!

I have mixed feelings as I've enjoyed these students very much but I'm also ready for a summer break (although we will continue with our schoolwork at home through May). We have always "done school" all year, taking breaks when needed throughout the year but working through the summer. This will also be the first summer I haven't had to teach, too. Although I've found that teaching and learning continue throughout life.

When I called my daughter this evening, I was absolutely shocked to find that her husband's dear Aunt had passed away this afternoon. She was diagnosed with cancer two or three years ago and had been doing well for so long. Just recently, the cancer had spread but they had not expected the end to come this soon.

She had a reaction to the treatment last week and went to meet her Lord today. She was a firm believer so this will be a true wake, a celebration of her life and the anticipated meeting with loved ones to come. My heart is saddened for my daughter's mother-in-law, having lost two sisters myself. Even when there is a knowledge their life on this planet will soon be over, the actual saying goodbye is never easy.

The cycles of life...we are ending my full time involvement in our homeschooling as my son will be taking most of his classes through the junior college now. A new baby will be born as a family mourns the loss of a beloved sister and aunt.

Each year I love to see the return of life as winter finally gives way to spring. We are seeing continued signs of spring's return. While walking in my backyard today, I was thrilled to see my other azalea plant had bloomed. I now have gorgeous pink blossoms on my kitchen windowsill...beautiful! A few of our flowering trees are opening their buds and I noticed my one peony plant is now growing. The hosta plant I asked my husband to transplant from the front of the house to nearer the fence looks like it is strong and healthy. Each day I'm out early to see what has grown or bloomed!


Sharon Kay said...

I like the idea of a celebration of life. It is a wonderful way to remember loved ones. Blessing and prayers to your family.

Bethanie said...

A new life is especially a blessing when dealing with the loss of another.

smilnsigh said...

Ohhhhhhhhh! Seeee that! I wasn't in Pretty Blog Land, on Tuesday. -sigh- So I missed knowing that your daughter was to be induced today.

So glad it's all behind all of you now. Especially her. Poor dear Girl. This has been long.