Thursday, March 01, 2007

Too many books?

Or is it...not using my time to the fullest? There's something about this time of year when it is dark and dismal that prods me to turn on the TV in the middle of the day rather than doing something a little more edifying. I find when I turn on the TV just to have an excuse to sit down without really doing anything, that it is not the program I am interested in but an excuse to be sitting and doing nothing. So...I am putting together reading materials (books, magazines, etc.) that are easy reads but better than mindlessly watching something on TV which I'm not the least interested in at all.

Once again, my reading materials are stacking up faster than laundry which needs to be folded and put away. Like a teenage boy at a buffet, my eyes take in all the possibilities so I reach, and take, and stack, and before I know it...I am baffled by the possibilities and I must sort out by priority and interest. Some things I can go through quickly and completely absorb while others I find reading so slow going, even though the subject is of great interest. Sigh...I will continue to sort through them and post my Spring Reading Challenge (probably Friday).

I recently subscribed to Books & Culture; A Christian Review and my first issue arrived in the mail today. I've seen it mentioned and quoted on a couple of book blogs. The articles all look so interesting. Now I know what I'll carry with me in the car when there is a chance I'll be waiting for any length of time. It looks like what I have needed for awhile, something deep enough to make me think but in sections where I can take it in a bit at a time.

Christopher started reading Crime and Punishment today, we'll see how long it takes him to finish. It is the next book to read for his Russian Literature class I put together. He recently finished One Day In the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the first of the books he is to read. He found it depressing but also very interesting. I thought I'd start him out with the smallest book first. :)

Last year he read a few French books with The Count of Monte Cristo being his all time favorite book. Of course, it has swords and fencing and all kinds of good stuff in it...a true guy's book!

My husband is feeling well enough to read again so he just started a new John Grisham book (The Broker). He started it yesterday evening and didn't get to bed until after 1:30 this morning, even then not wanting to put it down. Grisham is one of his favorite authors. I haven't read any of them but he recommended The Testament as my first Grisham book to read. It is on my "shelf of books to read soon".

So, hopefully by tomorrow I will be able to post my reading commitments (or almost commitments) for Spring. I have the list ready, just going over it again to see if it is realistic!


Sandra said...

Gasp!...too many books?! You mean you can have too many books? LOL!

Thanks for the reminder to actually read instead of watch tv.

Yes, so many books, so little time. :o)

smilnsigh said...

Dear Brenda, why can't you simply sit and do nothing, at times? No tv. No reading. No nothing. Just let your mind take ease. And your whole 'you,' become quietly refreshed.

It doesn't seem that we are designed to go, go, go, do, do, do every waking moment. {Not even reading} :-)


Anonymous said...

We're on the same page. A recent addition to my blog is as follows..

"..."Let us humble ourselves beneath His powerful hand; let us become supple and pliable, yielding to Him...Abide in silence as much as you can...What I most desire for you is a certain calmness, which comes from recollection, detachment, and love of God. Occupy yourself as little as possible about external matters. Give at proper seasons a quiet, calm attention to those things assigned to your care by Providence; leave the rest. We do much more by quiet, tranquil labor in the presence of God,
than by the greatest eagerness and over-activity of a restless nature."
~ Francois de Salignac de La Mothe-Fenelon ~

Bethanie said...

Yes..I'm all backed up too. I have 5 books I want to read and several new recipes I want to try.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

CAN'T be too many books as the problem! :)

Dear MN, I was thinking more in terms of watching TOO much TV...just sitting instead of savoring my favorites (like Dame Judy).

Let's face it, when I find myself watching Trick My Truck...I'm in trouble, ROTFL!

Copper's Wife said...

No such thing as too many books ;) I always have several books chair side, of various genre. That way, no matter my mood or level of fatigue, I can find something that will work for that sitting. I'm looking forward to reading a couple of different authors this coming year - Wodehouse, for one. My daughter loves his books!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I have an old book of Wodehouse stories at the library sale last year. I also hear they are wonderful!