Saturday, March 03, 2007

Errand days and book sales

I knew the last couple of days would be busy with many errands to run in both towns nearest to us. To add to the busy days, this weekend was the library sale at one of the libraries. I remember at the last sale, which was a couple of weeks before Christmas, thinking the next would be in March and how far away that seemed!

Yesterday was mainly spent grocery shopping but I did stop by a Christian bookstore to look through their used homeschool curriculum. It is surreal that I'm looking for something my grandchildren can use since it does seem not that long ago I was checking for our own elementary school books and such.

Times goes by so fast, it is important to make memories while we can as our children do not stay at any age very long. I wish I had taken more pictures and written down more of the cute things each child said. I just didn't realize at the time that those days were accumulating into a day at a time.

I was able to get all of my grocery shopping done and most of it put away before it was time to leave for the sale. We were picking up a friend of my son to take with us this time. I teasingly told them I'd let both come with me since I knew they weren't competing for the same books as I was. I should have remembered that my son does have some of the same tastes as he is eying my copy of St. Augustine's The Confessions which I found.

I had a very limited budget this time but I'm well pleased with the books which also included a few decorating books in excellent condition, a paperback copy of First We Have Coffee by Margaret Jensen (a wonderful book which I recommend highly), a couple of books about eating healthier, and a thriller for my husband. All nice editions to our home library with the total costing the price of one book purchased brand new. Obviously I have come to the conclusion that one can't have too many books!

I did recently purchase a new book with my small "allowance". I had seen it about a month ago and perused it at the bookstore, thinking how it spoke to where I am right now. It is called The Simple Home; A Faith-Filled Guide to Simplicity, Peace, and Joy in Your Home by Sharon Hanby-Robie. So many books such as this have a New Age basis but this book is based on the Word as well as decorating ideas. I have skimmed it and then set it aside for time where I can enjoy it with a cup of tea and perhaps a warm throw over me. It wasn't very expensive, either.

It is quite cold and snowy here today so I pulled out the Crock Pot to slow cook a pork roast all day. My son had just told me he wouldn't be home for dinner when he noticed the slow cooker and asked what we were having for dinner. When I told him I was having pork roast, baked sweet potatoes and green beans, his eyes lit up so I promised I'd have it ready when he got off of work and could eat with us before leaving to see a friend. The meat cooked as I ran errands this morning and the potatoes baked while my husband was watching a basketball game on TV and I took a lovely nap on a snowy day. When we sat down to dinner, it looked like I'd worked very hard to cook such a nice meal. I will have planned leftovers of pulled pork sandwiches on Monday. :)

We were quite surprised to receive a financial gift today. Whoever sent it went to a lot of trouble so we couldn't tell who it was from. What timing as our finances were even tighter than usual this month. My husband had been showing me the numbers this morning (literally...he keeps our budget on an Excel spreadsheet!). How thankful I am that God provides all needs and even some Godly desires.

So often I walk into this house and thank Him for His goodness and faithfulness (the story of getting our home has been blogged about quite often). May He grant you the Godly desires of your heart.

Now my friends, I am actually off to have some decaf coffee rather than my usual Saturday evening Tea Time. I guess it's the chill in the air but I'm craving a big mug of coffee right now!


Susan P. said...

Ahh, the simple joys of life. A snowy day that can be spent indoors with a good book to read, a cozy throw to cuddle up with, and a nice warm drink to take the chill away.Sounds about perfect to me!

Heather said...

It's been the funnest day here weather - wise! Snow showers to beat the band one minute and cloudless blue skies the next! I opted for a big mug of hot cocoa to take off the chill - but I could use another one now!

Our library book sale is coming soon too, so I am clearing out some 'inherited' books that I've never relished in order to make room for new finds! We are 'friends of the library' so get first pick! Since paperbacks are a quarter and hardbacks are $.50 we can go nuts without ever blowing the budget!

I'm glad God showed His faithfulness to you by providing for your needs unexpectedly - God is so good at happy surprises! We are burdened for a family and are wondering how to go about meeting their need in a way taht will honor the Lord - it's getting downright hard to be safe and anonomous!

Heather <><

Patty said...

I love Margaret Jenson's books. I just donated some of mine to the the library. (I had to go through my books, I was running out of space.) I havent heard anyone mention her books in years. Once again, we like the same things...(:

Gosh, I don't remember how many years ago it was that I went to a retreat where she was the speaker. What a blessing that was!

A day snuggled up with a good book and cup of some thing warm, sounds was almost 80 here today. We need some winter weather and mostly RAIN.

Blessings, Patty

smilnsigh said...

A crock pot meal on a cold and snowy day. It doesn't get much better than this! :-)

But then, I love a crock pot meal on most any day. It's so wonderful to have most all done, early in the day.

And Yeaaaaaaaa to good book finds! Which reminds me, I must pop into my library's used book room, next time I go pick up and return books. It's been a while..... :-)


Ebelfamily said...

First we have coffee is one of favorite books. If you have not read "Lena" by Margaret Jensen do so it is wonderful. When I am down I go get her books.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I'll have to look for Lena. I loved First We Have Coffee SO much.