Saturday, March 31, 2007

Back to the 70s

This is going around Blogdom as "Who is Your 80's Heartthrob?" Well, since I'm about ten years older than these other ladies, I am taking it back a decade.

After all, in the 80s I was a Yuppey and working way to hard to have a non-husband TV/movie heartthrob.

Sigh...My 70s Heartthrob

Bobby Sherman

Added the 80s (and up until they both were showing signs of age), my husband looked a lot like this guy.

Harrison Ford


Anonymous said...

How cute! I can just imagine you walking arm in arm with such a "star" and get to go home with at the end of the day...I love it!

As for my favorite 80's star...well, don't laugh but ever since I watched "Grease" I had a thing for John Travolta :) To this day when I watch that movie I melt a

Cheryl (copper's Wife) said...

Oooooo, Bobby Sherman!! Me, too! And Davy Jones, of course ;)

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

That is so funny, I had to choose between Bobby and Davy when I was deciding what picture to post. Bobby won out!

I have to admit, John T. is fun to watch in Grease. I really enjoyed him in Welcome Back, Kotter, too.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Oh...yes, he really did look just like Harrison Ford. He used to get stopped at airports!

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one who remembered Bobby Sherman. Whenever I mention his name everyone says, who? He used to be on Here Come the Brides way back when. Of course we are all dating ourselves with this. My 80's favorite was Lou Diamond Phillips.

Misc. Muse said...

LOL- you ladies are so funny. I liked Bobby Sherman too. Clint Eastwood was a favorite too. When I was a lot young and watched Dr. Kildare- I forgot who played him but I liked that guy too.
Linda in Laf.

Anonymous said...

sigh. I'm taking it back to the 60's by saying James Darin aka **Moon Doggy**. :o)