Thursday, February 15, 2007

Still digging out

We cannot get out of our driveway, yet, much less attempt country roads.

We have had no mail or newspaper delivery in a few days.

My husband is going into serious newspaper withdrawal.

County schools are closed until Monday.

I'm warm and cozy in the house with plenty of food, coffee, tea, books, and company from male-type humans and female-type kitties.

I can read my favorite blogs without thinking I should be going somewhere.

If I were five, I'd be outside already making a snowman. I'm far from age five.

Eventually, I'll have to make my way out into the cold (woke up to a -7 temperature), snowy world but for now...I'm hibernating.


Connie Peterson said...

Oh, so sorry! The steak is already gone!! However, we can manage to stretch one package of steak into two meals so we're having Teriyaki steak tonight!! Come fast, you can have a taste (of Norm's ... I don't SHARE!) ...

Enjoy your snow-in -- I love those days! And now to bundle up and go check chickens and eggs.


Coffeeteabooksandme said...

Hehehe, would have been cold by the time I could drive there, anyway! Perhaps if it were Summer and the roads were completely clear, I'd have made it fast enough.


deb said...

Brenda, sounds like a neato time to do fun stuff inside! We can't get out either - not a lot of snow, but just ice making our steep hill very treacherous. I've enjoyed knowing I can't go out! :)

Mrs. Darling said...

Sounds wonderful. Here it just rains and rains. It wont quit raining from now through June. Thats the joys of living in the Pacific Northwest.

smilnsigh said...

Oh my! No newspapers! My husband just has to have his {one}, for with morning coffee. And another, for evening. Or the Universe might come to a screeeching hault. ,-) I understand how yours, much be missssssing his newspapers!!! Eeeek!!!!!


smilnsigh said...

Ooops, that should not have been "much be missssssing." It should have been "must be missssssssing." :-)

Say Good Night, 'MN'.

Good Night 'MN.'



Bren@Coffeeteabooks&me said...