Thursday, February 01, 2007

Solitary Tea Time

First posted on August 30, 2006

I live with two men, two cats and a very busy schedule that often takes me away from home. My best friends and my daughter are in other parts of the country. In a perfect world, there would be close friends and family nearby and time to invite them to afternoon tea. It just isn't possible at this time in my life.

So...I made a decision after we moved to this home that I wasn't going to wait for perfect circumstances to enjoy using my "pretty things". I have beautiful items to use for tea time and a big file of recipes I've been wanting to try (not to mention the books about tea time). I first started using my favorite tea cups when I brewed a pot of tea for my husband and me. He gets a pretty mug, not a fine china tea cup. I guess I've pulled too many Hyacinth Bucket moments with him. Like poor Elizabeth, he doesn't want to risk breakage.

Now on most Saturday evenings, I prepare a proper tea and watch the BBC British shows on PBS. It has become a ritual that I enjoy. The guys may not want to sit down for tea but they do enjoy tea time food.

I think often of the quote by Edith Schaeffer, "If you expect perfection or nothing, you will always end up with nothing". I'm not waiting for the perfect tea time, I'm making my own traditions and rituals within the context of present life circumstances. Maybe someday I'll let the guys use the Royal Albert.


Anonymous said...

If I lived close by, I would love to sit and visit over a cup of tea..
Blessings, Patty

Heather said...

I too would enjoy sharing a cup with you - and maybe a scone or two! I'll bring some raspberry jam we put up this fall if you like!
Do you have any Royal Albert mugs? We have 13 of them - in Trillium and they are appreciated greatly by the menfolk and even a few not-so-fine fingered ladies - like myself! Tea just tastes so much better out of fine bone china! I have a hard time with some newer tea cups though because they are so 'open' at the top and allow the tea to cool too rapidly! One should not gulp one's tea!

My Grandmother's tea cups have Scripture references written in her fine hand on adhesive tape on the bottoms - from days of Bridal showers, Gideon's meetings and Christian Woman's get togethers. I've always loved the James 2:10 mug but can't bring myself to take off the tape to find out it's name - the saucer is unmarked. One day it will fall of in the wash I suppose and than I shall solve the mystery!

Brenda said...

Thank you for the kind words. I'd love to have you over for tea!

I have one or two fine china mugs but they are not Royal Albert. I can't recall what they are right now. The mug my husband uses for tea is a pretty yellow that I bought at Goodwill. For some reason, he's in a yellow mood recently!

I sometimes use the Royal Albert teacups (mine is the Lilac Rose pattern) and I also have a few other favorite teacups I've collected that I keep for use.

Brenda said...

What a great idea to put scripture on the cups!