Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A lick and a promise

That is the expression my mother would always use when she needed to do something quickly and come back later.

I spent the morning at the homeschooling co-op, came home to bake a coffee cake (Anna's recipe but I'm experimenting with orange juice instead of milk and the fruit is a package of frozen cranberries).

I am rather fatigued after dropping my son off for his 9:00 class and perusing lots of magazines at Barnes & Noble until it was time to return to teach my 10:00 class, then being in the nursery with the babies until noon. I actually volunteered to do the latter each co-op for an hour, just to chat with young moms and get my "baby fix". So...I need to rest for awhile!

I will give a thumbs up to three magazines that are out now. I already purchased the latest Tea Time, which has an Easter theme. This morning I went through the March/April issues of both Southern Lady and Paula Deen and both are full of great tea time recipes as well as beautiful pictures. Southern Lady has a tea time theme and Paula Deen has (if I remember) one article about tea time but many about Spring showers (bridal showers, baby showers, etc.) which are pretty much the same type of food.

My daughter likes the Spring issues of decorating magazines because they tend to have more of the style and colors she likes. I like the food magazines in Spring!


Heather said...

My grandmother was always giving the house 'a lick and a promise' too! I was confused by the saying as a child since I didn't think licking the house was a very nice way to clean it - thankfully my mum cleared up my misconception sometime around my 5th birthday and I was soooooo relieved!

deb said...

Brenda, guess what?! I just received the Tea Time magazine in the mail today from Jodi over at Deputy Domain as one of the gifts included in winning her 200th blog post drawing! As soon as it arrived today I thought of your post recommending the spring issue. I'm posting a picture tomorrow of all the goodies and linking to you, too. :)

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Okay, Deb...now I'm jealous. :)

Heather, I thought it was the strangest saying but it's so much a part of me that I think it often.

I read it comes from the way cats give themselves a "quick bath" by licking their fur. Hmmm...

smilnsigh said...

"A lick and a promise"

We use that saying too. :-)

And that recipe sounds delicious. I printed it out. I use Soy Milk myself, and am happy to find a recipe which actually calls for it, to begin with.