Friday, February 09, 2007

Just so ya' know

It's still unbelievably cold here but it is "warming up", or so the meteorologists say. That means instead of a -20 degree windchill as it was yesterday morning...we are at -10. I have noticed ants in the kitchen and bathroom so I made my way in the chill to the closest store (Wal Mart, just outside of town) to purchase something to kill the pesky critters. My husband says they must be coming in from the cold garage??

Speaking of my poor Papa Bear, he is beginning to get over his period of mourning for his beloved Bears. He's finally seeing how good it is that at least it was the Colts that won. Perhaps by Spring Training For the White Sox, he will once again be out of the doldrums.

Maybe it's because I am female but I do not get it. The Bears won their Division and got all the way to the Super Bowl. However, when listening to all the Chicago Sports hoopla (which I can't help but overhear while doing dishes in the evening), ya' think they had a losing season. Why is it that only one team is considered a winner each year? Beyond my comprehension...


Mrs. Darling said...

I dont get the sports thing either. Men are so attached to sports. My husband watched the super bowl with my son in law but I'm fortunate in that he's one of the rare males that doesnt really care if he watches or not. He did however want the Bears to win.

smilnsigh said...

Our ants seem to appear in January. So I guess I have the dubious distiction of saying... "I beat you." -grin-

Happily, they're gone now, btw.


Mrs. Darling said...

In regards to your comment on my post about Tinks reading I'm sorry about the difficulty in Math you are having with your son. As for Tink she isnt just a slow reader. Her short term memory is so low that she can not retain what she has learned from day to day. I dont forsee a bell going off a light going on for her in reading ever. I will be happy if I can get her to a reading level of fifth grade. Eigth grade would be nice but I doube she'll ever be above that because if all her learning diasabilities. Of course theres a small part of me that hopes she can overcome it and to that end I put in my long days. :)

Kelli said...

Brrrrr....sending you some warm (((hugs))), Brenda! Have a wonderful weekend.
P.s I don't get the sports thing either!