Thursday, February 08, 2007

I cried uncle...

You may notice there is now a counter on the site. My son threatened to hijack my blog and put one in if I wouldn't do it. Having seen how Copperswife's blog was hijacked by her children (albeit for good reasons), I figured I'd better not take any chances.

However, just so I don't watch it too often, I have set it so the numbers shown are not the REAL numbers. To get them I have to do some work...a compromise.


smilnsigh said...

"I cried uncle..."

-giggles- And I think that's great. Can your son come over and add a counter to mine, please? :-)

I admit to being nosey. Yes, not a nice admission, but... I admit to it. I'd love to be able to see the number of 'hits' {that's what it's called, I think} my Blogs get.

But I've never been able to figure out how to do one. Maybe that's because I *should not* have one! ,-) Well, no. But to make myself 'feel better,' I choose to think that's it.

I'm glad your son *convinced* you, to let him do it.


Brenda said...

Do you want to be impressed? I ADDED THE COUNTER. Actually, it's easy. Has to be for me to do it.

I have to call on him on all computer hardware issues and HTML.

Coffeeteabooksandme said...

If you like, I can e-mail you how to download it...easy.