Sunday, February 25, 2007

Home on Sunday morning...again

We were under an Ice Storm Warning all day yesterday. I dropped my son off at work so I could run a couple of errands and was hoping the "bad weather" didn't hit until after he was due to leave the bookstore at 5:00. Unfortunately, it was looking quite bad by 3:00 so I finished my housework and left a message on his cell phone to call me.

His boss let him leave a little early and by the time the roads were getting completely ice covered, we were at, warm, and cozy...finishing the last of dinner preparations. I was SO thankful that they let him leave early as the heavy ice pellets were hitting my kitchen window just as I would have been picking him up.

We lost power a couple of times, just enough time to give my son heart failure and the computers to go out, not long enough to light the candles. He was threatening to take his hair dryer out to warm the power lines, ROTFL (that would be one long extension cord). The cause of his panic, a program was being shown on TV later in the evening that he'd been wanting to see for some time.

When my husband and I turned in for the evening, Christopher was happy with his laptop computer, snacks, two cats, and the remote...all in the family room, ready for the much anticipated show. He doesn't have favorite programs, preferring to watch The Discovery Channel (or similar) TV when he does watch it. However, Saturday Night Anime' has been a tradition for many years now and has its own rituals and traditions.

We never did lose power but the roads were too slick this morning to attempt driving into town for church. I wondered if we'd made the right decision until I heard a pick up truck going out the gravel lane, or rather...trying to get enough traction to get on the main road. Yes, we made the right decision...

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smilnsigh said...

Oh sigh... more ice for you.

I'm so grateful that we only expect some snow, on Monday.