Saturday, February 17, 2007

Here's someone enjoying the snow

This picture is from our local newscast. The meteorologist was wondering if the horse is making "horse angels", hehehe. I love it! Trust one of God's animal creations to show sheer joy in the snow (along with children) while we adults are concerned about getting to our destinations without slipping and sliding.

We had more significant snow overnight and my son had to go into work today. So Mom trudged through the snowdrifts and cleared the car off, getting it started so it would be plenty warm when he left. (I haven't seen so much snow since we lived in Western Michigan!) While I was out, I also trudged (literally) through drifts out to the county road to get the paper. When my husband was pouring his coffee and saying, "Eliza, where's my paper?"*...I was ready. :)

Christopher has never driven in this much snow before so I'm praying...a lot! I made him take a duffel bag with items he would need if he has to stay with friends overnight but he says he is going to try to make it home...sigh. I've told my husband for years there is a reason we send teenage boys to war.

I enjoyed getting out of the house for awhile yesterday, mainly running a couple of errands with him. He asked if we could have breakfast at Burger King since we left home in time. As I was given the tray of food, I looked up at the manager who was waiting on me and commented that I was having a fried breakfast. It will take four or five salads to get that out of my system. I stopped by Border's while out to see if the latest issue of Tea Time was on the stands. It's about that time. The only magazines which were tempting were all British and none so much that I was willing to spend $6.99 (or more).

I will read more of 1776 (which is wonderful!) today and begin thinking of what I want to put in my Spring Reading Challenge list. There are the ongoing household gotta do's that must be done but there's something about more snow falling outside and the cold weather that makes me want to curl up on the sofa and read...or at least ponder the deep things of the Universe.

Once it gets warm and the sun is shining, the flowers beckoning me outside, then I'll get a little more energetic (or at least one hopes).

Note Added: Lest one think my guys are terrible to have the lady of the house out clearing the car and trudging through snow, I actually LIKE cold weather and they do not.

*Reference My Fair Lady


Elizabeth said...

BRRRRRRR Brenda. I have been so cold all week just thinking about all your snow. I so enjoy reading your blog.

smilnsigh said...

Oh that is the cutest picture!

And I guess horses do like to lie down and rub their backs, like we'd rub up against a doorway edge. ,-)

My D-I-Law loves to ride horses and one day, she was letting the one she was riding, just kind of relax and nibble grass, while she held the reins.

Well, he is a very, very _big_ horse. And this very, very _big_ horse decided to lay down and roll around, like the horse in the pic. She was like; "Oh my! Oh my! Oh my!"

But there was enough rein for her to hold on, while stepping backwards, to be out of the way. Needless to say, it was a memorable day. :-)

And oh yes, I recognized the quote from 'My Fair Lady.' -smile-


La Tea Dah said...

I do the exact same thing! I enjoy getting the car all warmed up and ready for my boys before they are off to school or work on a cold day! I think it's a wonderful way to let them know we care! Good for you!!!! It it warms your heart, don't worry about what anyone else might say!