Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Okay, I know this is a Christmas picture but it is what Valentine's Day looks like here at my home. I awoke to a fairytale world outside, it is absolutely beautiful with sunshine and blue skies. The storm which left behind 17" of snow is moving east. It's rather deceptive where we live as we don't have much drifting in front of our house (albeit deep snow) and we didn't get white out conditions until later in the day when my son's friends who live in the area were experiencing no visibility from their house. We figure it is because we live at the edge of a forest and the winds were coming from the west, which is where we have the thickest area of trees.

My husband found his old Army boots and put them on, along with many layers of clothing, to brave the blizzard conditions about an hour before the sun went down yesterday. He shoveled snow off our porch and on the sidewalk going from the porch to our driveway. He backed our car from where I'd parked it (close to the garage) and was able to get it out to gravel lane where he turned it around and backed it just into our driveway enough so the neighbor with a snow plow can clear the lane without hitting it. This way if we must get out before he can get to our driveway, we can do so. My son would normally help but he has not been able to get rid of the cold symptoms which have settled in his chest. It is a good thing he is forced to stay still for a few days!

We never lost power so our Valentine's day dinner will be roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, veggies, and a dessert. I decided against making the cheese cake I was thinking of yesterday. I'll go through my files and make something soon. The roast is already in the Crock Pot with some Worcestershire sauce and a can of Cream of Mushroom soup...nothing fancy but they love it. I'll set the table and use fine china and such just before serving it to surprise them. (This is when I miss the dining room in our former house which had DOORS!).

We continue to be under a snow emergency in our county so travel is to be only for essential vehicles. Since the government says I have to stay at home, then that's good enough for me. :) So I'm going enjoy one more snow day with baking and reading. I've decided to finish Francis Schaeffer's back to freedom and dignity as I have only a few more pages to read and then pull out a Grace Livingston Hill. It will be like taking a vacation to another era. Perhaps I'll throw in one load of laundry just to appease any guilt feelings and of course, there will be the usual kitchen cleanup. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to a beautiful, snow covered Valentine's Day inside where it is warm and cozy!

My prayer for you this Valentine's Day is to know Him who heals all wounded and broken hearts, who is building an eternal home for you where there is no loneliness or heartbreak, and who is preparing a meal where true fellowship awaits all of us.


Anonymous said...

I found your beautiful blog last week when my heart was so in need of cheering. I loved listening to "A Living Prayer". I had not heard that song before.

smilnsigh said...

"The storm which left behind 17" of snow is moving east."

And just to let you know, that 'ding-dang' storm picked up a few inches, on its way over. We are expecting two to three _feet_! ,-)

A Very Happy Valentine's Day to you!!!

And thank you for the crock pot roast recipe idea. I love crock pot recipes! Always room for one more. Mmmm, for the Chef Of The House of course. He's taken over those duties, in semi-retirment. And he loves doing it. :-) He also has a loaf of bread in the bread machine, at present. In fact, as if on cue, it just beaped 'done.'


Coffeeteabooksandme said...

Nancy, that song is sung by Allison Kraus. I think it is in the January archives where I have posted what CD it is from.

Hey, Smilnsigh...I wondered if it was heading your way. I took a deep breath and blew it over in your direction. Of course, that means it is most likely to hit the area where my daughter and her family live, too. If I know her, she has groceries, diapers, etc. and is prepared. :)

You should smell the aroma coming from that Crock Pot! I forgot to add that I put a small onion (cut in half) in the bottom, too.

Susan P. said...

Brenda, wishing you a most happy and blessed Valentine's Day!

Heather said...

Happy Valentine's Day! We are digging out here too - but the snow blower won't start! THIS is when a truck would be handy to take it in to the small engine repair place .... or a more mechanical hubby would be handy too! Oh well! I love to snowblow, but not when I have to wrestle the machine to start! I'm just not burley enough I guess.
By now your roast is smelling very tasty indeed I'm sure! Send some good smells this way please! My family has requested heart waffles since Daddy has to work 12 hours today. I'm thawing some summer strawberries to go with them!

Betty said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

The snow would be beautiful I'm sure but I don't know about contending with the problems that go along with it. In the deep south where I live, we have snow every few years and it's such a novelty we don't mind the inconveniences.

The food sounds delicious, I can almost smell it.

Betty at Country Charm

Coffeeteabooksandme said...

Well, the Valentine's Day meal was a big success!