Friday, February 23, 2007

February Blahs

This is a picture of my backyard...early last Spring. I await with great anticipation the color green (other than evergreen trees), the pastel beauty of the flowering trees and bushes, tulips, daffodils, Lilly of the Valley, crocuses, and being able to sit on my front porch again.


Anonymous said...

Your backyard is lovely. I envision a garden party complete with white tableclothes and vases of glorious flowers, classical music and much love.

Candy said...

VERY nice backyard!!!!! :)

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

We have a very large yard. Only possible because land is relatively inexpensive in our area.

This year I want to begin doing more of my own landscaping, too. The people who have lived here before did a good job but there is always something each individual brings to the party!

Anonymous said...

My, what a nice yard. Ours is very large also (almost 3/4 of an acre lot) but the backyard is entirely dirt-and rocks. Yuck!!
Last year we had a patio cover put on half of our patio and this year I'm hoping we can put a large lawn in so we have something other than dirt to step on!
Your backyard looks very lovely.

Elizabeth said...

Hi brenda,
I am ready for spring too. Thanks for stopping by with your words of encoragement. It has been a rough week.

Kelli said...

Brenda, what a beautiful backyard you have! I'm dreaming of spring too!

Lallee said...

You have a beautiful yard--hope you have the weather to garden, too.