Friday, January 26, 2007

Six Weird Things Meme

I've seen this on a lot of blogs and after it was on the sweet Mrs. Wilt's Blog...well, I couldn't resist going along with it.

So here are six weird (or at least unique) things about me...

1. I was a Jesus People (coffeehouse ministry and all). For those thirty and under, that's like being a Christian hippie.

2. I hate talking on the land line phone but I'm lost without my cell phone near me. I think it is because only my family and closest friends usually call my cell.

3. I practically pass out when I get in an elevator. I've been known to take the stairs in very tall buildings rather than hyperventilate.

4. I was baptized in a river as a teenager.

5. I often begin a book by reading the LAST page, then going back to the first.

6. My favorite TV show of all time was Babylon 5 (yes...I am saved).


alisa said...

FINALLY!!!! someone who understands-I also read the last page first-well usually after the first chapter-Everyone I know thinks I'm impossible-but I can't help myself

Brenda said...

Perhaps it is a dislike of surprises?

Kelli said...

Hi Brenda!
I really don't like elevators either. I get claustrophobic and dizzy. My husband loves Babylon 5. He has the whole show on VHS tapes!