Saturday, January 20, 2007

Serendipity thrift store finds

I had a couple of hours free time after dropping my son off at the debate tournament yesterday, before I had to be back in the afternoon. There is a thrift store within an easy driving distance which supports a Christian ministry. When I am near it, I like to stop in as they are a REAL thrift of those which often has treasures hidden on shelves. What fun to arrive on a day when they had a book sale. It seems they had been given hundreds of books recently, on top of already full book shelves. So...all books were 35 cents or three for 95 cents.

Many of the books were "vintage Christian" and I was told pastors had already been in the store looking through them with delight. Imagine getting great commentaries for such a price. I came home with a vintage homemaking book that I've already skimmed (copyright 1950), a couple Grisham novels for my husband, a Landmark book about Ginghis Kahn, a few political books, a book written by Bill Gates (for my son), two Elizabeth Goudge books, a cookbook, and a few of the older Christian books by authors I admire.

My husband thought I showed great restraint by only purchasing $4.00 worth of books (twelve if you do the math). I admit to putting a few back before checking out of the thrift shop. The only time I find books as cheap is the $2.00 a bag day at the library book sales. There were many excellent books left but I had to remind myself of the books already in the garage, awaiting the purchase of another bookshelf in the budget. As it was, I was delighted with my purchases.

It is a beautiful day here but heavy snow is on the way. I need to run a couple of errands and then come home to laundry, dishes, and a couple easy projects. My son and I didn't arrive home last night until nearly 10:00 so I gave the sink full of dishes only a glance. (My husband had been completely reorganizing the office so he was exempt from dishes.) to the store. One must purchase bread and milk if you are under any weather advisory. It has to be written somewhere! :)

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