Friday, January 12, 2007

Proof I've been married a long time

I know this is not my recipe blog but it's the conversation that matters. While I was cooking tonight, I wondered if other long married couples have conversations like this. (You newlyweds have this to look forward to someday.)

My husband asked me what I was making for dinner, so I told him " I'm doing something with ground beef". I'm infamous for taking things from the refrigerator and throwing them together with ground beef (or chicken). My daughter has inherited the same gene, for better or for worse. Our experiments usually turn out quite tasty, though.

So...I'm telling my husband I'll probably throw in some chopped cabbage because I have one that needed to be used, also a green pepper for the same reason, oh...there's brown rice in the freezer and I can put in a can of tomatoes and it will be like stuffed cabbage mixed with stuffed green pepper (it sounds terrible but it turned out great).

Which led him to asking me if it was my mom or his mom that always made the stuffed cabbage. Uh...I don't remember, one of them made stuffed cabbage and the other stuffed green pepper.

So...where was that restaurant where we always had that good stuffed cabbage? Uh...I don't remember although I do know there was such a restaurant, perhaps the ***** Cafeteria?

Sigh...a brain is a terrible thing to waste. I miss mine.


Anonymous said...

< a brain is a terrible thing to waste. I miss mine. >

Oh....(insert heavy sigh)I miss mine too. lol....

Anonymous said...

22 years this month (the 19th!). I've just started cooking like this (so much easier and fun!). Add sleep dep (special-needs child) and I have so little left of my brain, I don't miss it (the part that 'misses' is gone!LOL!!). Good post.

smilnsigh said...

"Sigh...a brain is a terrible thing to waste. I miss mine."

-chuckle- I *hates-to* tell you, but it keeps getting *worse.* -giggles- I've sort of learned to just calmy "tread water," and pretty soon, the elusive word pops into my mind. _Not_ if I _work_ on it! Only if I stay calm and let it *perculate* up to the top of my brain. :-)

So far, it's working for me.

Naturally, when it stops working, I won't tell you.... Because I won't remember what used to work! -grin-


La Tea Dah said...

Love the cooking story! I'm exactly the same way! I cleaned out the fridge tonight and made 'vegetable patties' out of rice, quinoa, zucchini, green pepper, and seasonings. Sounds awful, but it was delicious! LOL!