Friday, January 26, 2007

Frugal flowers and lunch out

We had many errands to run today, which meant the frustrations of working with one car and numerous destinations for the three of us. There were two doctor's appointments and banking to do (both my husband and son received checks for working full time for a couple of weeks at the bookstore).

My husband wanted me to go to a Florist's shop and pick out a bouquet to bring home with me (he knew I hadn't been feeling well). It would be a gift as part of the income he had made. I just couldn't pay the prices they wanted so I made him an offer. I told him in this case, it really was the thought that counted but would he mind if we took that amount and went out to eat at our favorite restaurant as a family? We rarely get to do anything "just the three of us". He agreed completely (hehehe, it is his favorite restaurant, too) as long as I was willing to purchase a bouquet of my favorite flowers at the grocery store when I go next week. Done! That was easy to agree upon...

The thought really was nice as my husband, as a young man, thought purchasing flowers that would just "die soon" was a stupid gift for a woman. He loved the idea of frugal flowers and lunch out. :)

What a lovely time, lots of laughter and good food...memories. I'll enjoy the flowers next week, too.


deb said...

I have the exact same feelings about flowers. I love them...if I can pick a bouquet FREE from my yard. But I always hint to my husband to please not spend money on flowers for me. (Of course, I enjoyed him giving me flowers before we got married because it was his money; now it's ours! LOL!)

Glad you were able to enjoy a good family time out! That's one of my favorite things to do.

Brenda said...

Hehehe, exactly!

When I was single (so long ago I can hardly remember what it was like), it was HIS money I wanted him to spend on flowers. :)