Tuesday, January 16, 2007


We finally had a significant snowfall here after "just missing" major ice and snow storms. It was slick enough to make the drive to our homeschool Co-op take fifteen minutes longer than usual. It was worth the slow drive, though. After weeks of rainy gloom, the sun is shining on the snow and brightening my home and my attitude. (Of course, I can say it was worth it when I am back home safe and sound.)

I have homemade vegetable beef soup warming on the stove for a late lunch. The scent of "apple pie crumble" is beginning to find the way to the office area from the kitchen. Not truly an apple pie baking but the tart warmer at work. (I hope no one in the house is confused and expecting apple pie for dinner.)

I continue to have the sound of Dickens's prose going through my mind. My young students giggled as each person took turns reading ye' old English. What wonderful writing! We spent one and a half pages just reading descriptions of the food ready to be purchased in the neighborhood stores. I asked why they thought Dickens would spend so much time describing the variety of foodstuffs. The answer I expected was to give us a sense of the abundance that Christmas offers, the "over the top" expectations we all have during the Holidays. They thought it was to make us hungry. Hmmm...they may be on to something there.

This afternoon I plan to work on the first of my emergency preparedness posts. Hopefully, I will have one ready by the end of the day. However, first I must enjoy this sunshine while it lasts.

Picture borrowed from my local TV station; taken of a park "in town".


Kelli said...

Enjoy your sunshine! The sun came out a little yesterday and melted some of the small icicles hanging on the eaves. Your soup sounds delicious and your apple candle has put me in the mood for some apple crisp. :o)

Brenda said...

I'm concerned that the guys will be hungry for apple crisp, too.