Thursday, December 21, 2006

Two cakes, ready to go

I ended up making the lemon cake I already have on my recipe blog along with the chocolate chip apple cake. It was not intended that way but it makes it handy to give the recipes.

I normally serve this bundt cake unsliced on a glass cake stand with white chocolate melted and drizzled over the top of it. Since this is for a lunch buffet (or rather, lots of food put out for hungry college students and managers to grab on the run), I sliced the cake once it cooled and placed them on a Christmas serving tray at a slight angle (sides slightly nesting on each other). I melted a little white candy coating and drizzled it over all the slices. It looks so festive and pretty. It was covered with Glad wrap to keep it fresh and protect it.

For the lemon cake, I cut it into squares (it is very rich) and placed it in a rectangular basket I lined with solid red and red plaid napkins. I also placed a sheet of Glad wrap over the cloth napkins to protect them, set the square of cake on top and then covered it all with more wrap to protect it as we transport the basket this morning.

I knew they turned out just right when my seventeen year old boy arrived home from fencing last night and commented that it looked great!

The two recipes can be found by clicking here! Both of these receive raves from everyone who has eaten them. Both also taste best made a day before serving, always a good thing for the busy seasons of life.


lady laura said...

Thanks for sharing the recipes--I'll definitely be baking both :)

Brenda said...

I'm told they were a big hit at the bookstore Christmas party!

Rona's Home Page said...

I found your blog through Seasonal Soundings. I must say I really enjoyed my visit.

I really enjoy baking too but haven't had much time. Perhaps, I sound set aside some time and make some of my family's favorite..Fried Bread.