Sunday, December 31, 2006

Tempus is fugiting

It is very difficult for me to believe we are at the end of 2006. I have not begun to get used to writing 2000 for goodness sake. As we say in our house, tempus is fugiting.

This next week, I will be spending time in the Word and prayer asking God for what He would have me do in the coming year. I have found that far better than writing down what I should do (as if I didn't know I have put on an extra twenty pounds!!). I will most likely write down the usual suspects: exercise more, eat more fruits and vegetables, get my bg levels down from the stratosphere (blood glucose levels for those not living with diabetics), and make more attempts to wake up earlier so I can have a longer quiet time. That is difficult to do when it is cold and dark in the mornings.

This year I want to make my real goals for 2007 in the same way I made them for 2006...spending time with the Lord. This last year found us making a major change due to God giving me the desires of my heart...a home of my own again. Along with that, I knew He was calling me to getting my house in order...literally. I was in a place now where I didn't have to expect another move so it was time to unpack everything.

God knows our weaknesses, He didn't call me to do this in one week. It has taken an entire year. First I had to literally unpack and find places for everything from the furniture, to clothing, to kitchen items, to garden tools...everything. Then I took a quite a long time (months) going through all my papers and files to get them in order and put in the correct place in our file cabinet. I have reorganized our bookshelves, our bedroom, and now everything (that is my responsibility) in the garage storage areas. It took an entire year and I just made it in the last week of the calendar!

He didn't ask me to travel to far places, or run a marathon, or anything else that wouldn't have made sense. He just asked me to get my house in order, that very thing which will make my life easier on a day to day basis.

So...I will be spending time with Him in the coming week to ask what He wants me to do this coming year. Some things are obvious, like refining what I've already done to get organized and trying even harder to keep on budget. He knows what next year will bring all of us so He knows what we will need...what skills need to be learned, what habits need to be dropped from our life, what changes need to be made, where we need to step out beyond our comfort zones, and even...that we need to eat more vegetables.


Anonymous said...

But how do you know what he is calling you to do? Do you just really feel it in your heart? How can you tell? I struggle with this - knowing what God's will is and people saying that God "told" them to do something. Any thoughts regarding this?


Brenda said...

Yes, it is a "knowing" that comes from many years of practice.

Sometimes I think I have heard from Him but I am not certain. In that case, I do not move ahead but I keep praying (especially if it is about something important). I wait for the circumstances to meet what I think I've heard.

Other times, I am absolutely sure and without doubt that I've heard from Him. I can't explain it but I know if you ask Him, He will answer you to really KNOW what He is saying to you.

It is most important to spend time in the Word (even if it is just reading through the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs) and then just talking to Him and waiting (quietly) to hear an answer. It is that "still small Voice" that you hear in the spirit rather than in your ear.

Although, I've heard of people having heard audible voices before so I'd never put it past Him...especially if it was a warning of safety.

In James, it says if we ask for wisdom...He will give it to us. Ask Him for wisdom and to really know His leading!

His Word says that His sheep hear His voice and they know Him ( can learn to get that direction and feel that fruit of the spirit!).

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I guess I'm impatient - it's hard to wait for an answer! And I do ask for wisdom - nearly beg for it daily! Spending time in the Word and praying is key. Why is it so hard to make the time to do this when it's THE most important thing?

I enjoy your blog very much.


Brenda said...

Yes, I know exactly what you mean!

Thank you, it is always amazing to me that people read what I have to say. :)