Friday, December 15, 2006


Okay, so I'm overdoing it a bit. However, as I left the library for the last time this semester and headed for the junior college parking lot, I had this mental image of Mel yelling FREEDOM in Braveheart. While it was not a nation at stake, it was at the sanity. When we made the decision last summer which led us down this path, I knew it would be difficult but I had no idea how much of my time, finances, and patience would be required. It is a good thing we do not know the future at times.

It has been worth it, though. So much of parenting can be exhausting and require great patience (let's not even go down the road of expense) but when one sees the is worth it. I can't think of anything I have ever done that is as rewarding as being a mother. I don't believe it will fully sink in that I no longer have to make this commute three days a week until Monday morning when...I don't!

One of the advantages of educating at home is the flexibility of schedules. My son has been able to work full time (while also studying for math finals) this week and through the Christmas vacation weeks of the University. He has had an education in "Real Life 101" with this part-time job. His dad and I have told him it is good to learn all those "first job" things in entry level jobs and not when one graduates from college or takes on other adult responsibilities. One of the first things he learned is not a democracy. (Now, that is a very important education already!)

I did bake another cake and some mini muffins (for those who perhaps cannot eat chocolate...poor things) this afternoon and dropped them by the bookstore.. Certain people have been asking him, "When is your mother going to bring something"? It didn't take long to get the hint. I told a friend at church recently, as we were walking out the door together, that I must have the spiritual gift of cookies. :)


Heather said...

A wonderful spiritual gift to to have I'm sure! Does is bless those with the gift of tongues? I'm sure it must! I feel like I have the gift of whining this week! I felt the same elation when my dh came home a bit early from work so I could get out a shop a bit - freedom after being with the children 24/7 for so many days - and all the demands of their various illness - just to be alone for 2 hours was indeed wonderful!

Lisa said...

hehe I think Paul mentioned that one, right after the spiritual gift of chauffeuring. :)

Congrats on the freedom.

deb said...

Hi Brenda, I can so identify with you on the driving situation. I used to drive my son to the community college for a year and a half before he got his license at age 19. (I know, that's late, but it was our family's choice for each of the kids.) Anyway, we had many drives to and from during those many months. And when it was finally over, I enjoyed my freedom, but he said he missed our conversations we used to have when it was just the two of us riding along. That made me feel good. Even now, 2 years later, he still doesn't enjoy riding alone.

My spiritual gift used to be in the kitchen but now that the girls took over the baking, I guess I'll get my spiritual gift back when they have their own families. :)

Brenda said...

Well, I'm hoping my son is more confident about driving in rush hour traffic before next August!

I do believe God gifts us with certain abilities. One just has to look between the lines in the Word...or is it in III Thess.?? Hehehe...