Saturday, December 09, 2006

Cleaning, baking and a vintage movie

I worked hard to get most of my housework and baking finished before 2:00 this afternoon. That is the time one of my favorite movies was playing on one of the "old movie channels". I did some decluttering, made pizza dough and put it in the refrigerator to slow rise and roll out this evening, started the dough for a loaf of whole wheat bread in my bread machine (to rise later and bake as I am typing right now), and I made six mini loaves of cranberry orange quick bread.

All of that so I could sit down at just the right time and hear Frank Sinatra singing "Three Coins In a Fountain" while the cameras are bringing just the best images of Rome circa 1954...sigh. They don't make them like that, anymore. The film couldn't be made today, the social structure that made the film so romantic doesn't exist. For instance, the secretaries at the American Embassy (or was it an American company?) are not allowed to date any Italians. Today an employer could be sued for such a demand.

The women...dressed in their beautiful, vintage dresses and wearing white gloves and hats are quite a contract to young American movie stars of today. Of course, at the time they were the height of fashion! It's just a beautiful movie. Even my husband stopped what he was doing and watched the movie again.

So now I must now return to the kitchen. The loaf of bread has baked, the oven temperature has been turned up to bake the homemade pizza so the aroma of garlic, green peppers, onion...will soon be throughout the house. Yum...

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