Friday, December 08, 2006

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Don't you just love the fact A Charlie Brown Christmas is still shown each year on Primetime TV? It actually has the GOSPEL message in it and a major network shows it each year. Yeah! It really is one of my favorite Christmas simple yet such a profound message of Redemption.

I feel the same about going into stores playing Christmas music. It's everywhere, from Goodwill to the grocery store. How many times a year do we get to hear the Gospel song...while shopping for groceries?

I've mentioned before that I honestly think Christmas is a peek into our Heavenly home. All the sparkle mixed in with the celebration of Christ as King. Not to mention there is more Goodwill to Mankind at the moment (as long as you keep away from the evening news).

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Jenny said...

Hello, Brenda! I remember watching this with my husband the first Christmas we were married. I had not seen it since I was in elementary school and remember being quite shocked (yet pleasantly surprised) to hear the message of Christmas.